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  1. Heretic.Ape.
    [h1]Brisk Sale Of Marijuana In Jharkhand[/h1]
    Saturday 11th of August 2007 The Hindu month of Shravan (mid-July to mid-August), considered auspicious by worshippers of Lord Shiva, brings cheers to marijuana sellers in Deoghar district of Jharkhand.

    During this period, millions of devotees clad in saffron walk, at times barefoot, to pour water on the Shiva Linga at the Baidyanath temple in Deoghar, 350 km from here. Smoking ganja (marijuana) is popular among the pilgrims.

    According to one estimate, devotees consume 20-25 kg of marijuana every day.

    'Marijuana is liked by Lord Shiva. There is nothing wrong in smoking ganja. It makes the 110 km journey from Sultanganj in Bihar to Deoghar easy,' said Nutan, a pilgrim.

    Marijuana is grown in 10 districts of Bihar and Jharkhand. There are also reports of Maoist guerrillas patronising marijuana cultivation.

    The police are aware of the illegal sale of the drug but turn a blind eye, media reports say.

    I always liked Siva, now I have another reason :laugh:


  1. augentier
    Funny, I have a Hindu friend from India who thinks marijuana is horrible (but copious amounts of Shiraz are OK) ..haha, I need to pass this along to him. I'm wondering if there is any documented history about Hindu practices and marijuana? *runs off to google*
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