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  1. Mick Mouse
    Officials in Wyoming arrested two men in an RV packed with a smorgasbord of marijuana products-including cookies, bread, and butter-when their converted airport shuttle bus was spotted weaving on a highway.

    The arrest netted five pounds of "high-grade" marijuana, two pounds each of marijuana butter, cannabis candy, and pot-baked bread; 1.5 pounds of cannabis cookies, and other drugs, according to a Wyoming Highway Patrol media release.

    The drugs and drug-laced goods have a street value of about $17,000.00, police said.

    The bust happened Tuesday on I-80 in Unita county, about 48 miles east of Evanston in southwestern Wyoming.

    A trooper pulled over the airport shuttle van that had been converted to a camper after watching the driver drift past the center lane line, police said.

    "As the trooper approached the drivers side of the vehicle, he observed the driver and a passenger attempt to trade places." the release said.

    A police dog was used at the scene and the canine sniffed out the cannabis and the other drugs, the release said. Police also seized one ounce of liquid methamphetamine oil, one half-pound of hashish, three ounces of hashish oil, one LSD tablet and a small amount of heroin.

    Jason Holohan, of Fitchburg, Mass, who police said was the original driver of the RV, was arrested along with Joseph Griffin, of Los Osos, California. Both men are 32.

    One of two female passengers was cited and released for misdemeanor marijuana possession. The women were not identified by the police.

    Holohan is charged with driving while under suspension, possession of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, the Highway Patrol said. Griffin is charged with felony possession of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver and misdemeanor possession of heroin and marijuana.

    The RV was heading to Massachusetts from Oakland, California, police said.

    Kieran Nicholson
    The Denver Post


  1. 80sbaby
    methampethamine oil??
    weird. hows does that work?
  2. Moving Pictures
    ^Meth (or any amphetamine) freebase is a liquid. Before it is salted, it remains liquid. It was unfinished product. Hell, it could have been MDMA, it shows up at meth on a roadside test. The rapper, TI, was initially charged with possession of meth when he was arrested with ecstasy pills because MDMA will test positive as an amphetamine.

    That's just speculation though. It could very well be methamphetamine.
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