Marijuana Misinformation: It Started With Reefer Madness

By chillinwill · Apr 28, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    People keep using it because it works not because they are addicts.

    (MOLALLA, Ore.) - I first wrote about this subject a year ago about Dr. Andrea Barthwell, the attack Pit Bull for former Drug Czar John Walters who didn’t have one good word for medical marijuana, but she was working for the Sativex Company which makes medicine from, guess what, marijuana!

    For anyone with a lick of sense, the movie Reefer Madness was the funniest, most grotesque movie ever produced by bad actors pimping a very bad script but it has probably been seen by millions of extremely gullible viewers who believed it.

    It also sold the Hearst newspaper syndicate a lot of papers and made Hearst a multi-millionaire. Get a look at his California castle (San Simeon).

    I think all the lies and misinformation started with him big time! But I did write a story about that 2 years ago in The big lie was that it was only used by Blacks and Hispanics so they could play music, rape and murder.

    This crap is continuing today. In the past two weeks three stories have appeared. Sanjay Gupta had a TV show about drug addiction. His first addicting drug was marijuana. He is an M.D. Neurologist and his parents come from India where 3000 years ago cannabis first started as a medicine.

    People keep using it because it works not because they are addicts. Actually it is less addicting than Starbucks lattes, aspirin or Tylenol and a lot safer.

    The next example was medical writer Dr. Dean Edell with the title, Is Marijuana Shifting His Sex Life Into Low Gear written in Feb 2000.

    He is correct that useful research has be “forced underground”. He says it depresses libido (sex drive). He tells the inquirer to have her boyfriend stop using it for his ADHD for 2 or 3 days and “see what happens”.

    Dr. Dean, THC stays in the body for up to 4 weeks. This couple does have a problem. I don’t think she would like him on full bore ADHD. Maybe affection and understanding would help.

    Many PTSD Vets are given heavy doses of anti-depressant drugs which really cause impotence. Many have shifted to cannabis which they have found is at least a passive aphrodisiac.

    The last story is by Amy Dickinson who took over for Ann Landers who if I remember was neutral or sympathetic to medical marijuana users? Amy quotes a “boyfriend” who says he is a (MJ) addict and has been for 5 years. He is 19 now. Amy says his life depends on his quitting. He is not an addict.

    He must have some underlying medical problem which is stabilized by using MJ. Marijuana is according to DEA Administrative Judge Francis Young “the safest drug ever found by man”. Millions of patients use it legally OR illegally for medical purposes.

    IF Amy were writing about aspirin, Tylenol or expresso coffee, I would agree with her but the movie Reefer Madness was pure fiction and her comments are a disservice to the about 400 thousand legal medical marijuana users in this country.

    The U.S. Gov’t says that about 10 million are using it on a daily basis with no adverse effects.

    To the above writers Gupta, Edell and Dickinson I say get yourself educated, cannabis medicines are the drugs of the past and future.

    By Dr. Phil Leveque
    April 27, 2009

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  1. its just a ride
    you know i think the U.S may at least be near somekind of breakthrough with the legalization of pot i mean it seems that more and more people are pushing for it and even TIME magazine i belive had an article i think it was called is america turning to pot and the answer is yes....but not as addicts its not like everyone in america started smoking crack or somthing and now just cant stop as your article states its because it works but i mean people see right through the reefer madness movie and the whole anti-pot thing. i honestly hope its a turning point though and that this could be the governments desperate last attempts at making there smear campaign against MJ seem legit and viable. but they have to know that people just dont buy the bullshit anymore they know pot does not have the devastating effects that the gov't tried to make everyone think it had for years. like in the 50's and 60's i guess the whole smear campaign actually worked because it made "alot" of parents and such belive that pot would turn you into a fucking rapiest murderer but guess dosnt and after 50 years of the Bullshit people realize that. i think that has to do in a large part to the fact that when reefer madness was put out it was a different generation most of the parents were not really aware of pot at the time much less using it or condoning it. but now a days alot of the parents are ex hippies(or not ex)for that matter and have used pot (and often MUCH worse drugs) and realize it is probably "the safest drug known to man". but then again i can see the governments agenda in it i mean its easier to control a bunch of dumb alcholic friggin nicotin addicted sheep (no offense to the drinkers and cigg smokers) than it is to control a bunch of potheads. its like bill hicks said all the fucking politicians and "big business men" seem to say well we have alot invested in this ride and if we have major reform then that could hurt our wallets and checkbooks and that would just be a disaster now wouldnt it i mean we just cant have enough money or be happy with what we already have right.(let the demons run amuck) total fucking pure grade 100% government sanctioned BULLSHIT!!!.
  2. cra$h
    I'm so tired of hearing about "oh it's gonna be legal soon! Soon! Soon! It'll happen any day now!" We've been hearing this since the 70's. Let me know when something serious happens.
  3. its just a ride
    yeah i mean its been being said for a long time no doubt but right now its the closest its been in a long time i would say i duno i wasnt around for the 70's but you just got to have a little bit of optimism about these kind of things rome wasnt built in a day and all good things take time patience is a virture my friend and in the current situation the only thing one "can" do is wait but 1 thing "is" for sure most people see through the hired bullshit at this point and ore and more people see how pot really is and you cant deny that. honestly its a shame that alot of people smoke it and do act ridiculous on it if people would show more maturity then there would be alot more leverage on our(the pot smokers)side but there are no guarentees your def right about that but all one can do is hope...and wait....and smoke up lol
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