Marijuana Mouth Spray: The New Pain Reliever?

By lexifer · Jul 17, 2008 · ·
  1. lexifer
    Swim has to say, he is a little surprised that Fox News would even report on this.,2933,384983,00.html

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  1. lostmente
    swim's country currently has a thing before government for whether or not this spray (Canadian developed) will be legalized and subsidised (gasp subsidized medicine!)

    strange to think that most people swim knows of smoke maybe an ounce a week of the real deal, but they never pay that much.

    swim wonders what a government covered grow operation would value their crop at...and how on earth a pharmaceutical company can patent a tincture in a spray bottle...

    even if its thc is an isolate, fractional distillation is how many years old?
  2. Panthers007
    Fractional distillation is expensive and silly - steam distillation of THC etc. is well known and effective. Or one can run it through columns to isolate by chromatography. In that this cannabidiol, I wonder if people will be isomerizing their spray...
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