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Marijuana: Not dangerous nor likely to become legal

  1. Balzafire
    Marijuana is one of the most controversial substances in America today. It has people divided centrally over its use and criminalization.

    Several states had some sort of marijuana initiative on their ballots this year. That is a prime example of the fact that most citizens of this country support marijuana.

    The University of Michigan published information from the Pew Monitoring the Future Survey and it shows an increase in marijuana use among young people.

    It verifies that students in high school, especially juniors and seniors, are using marijuana.

    They may not be using regularly but they are definitely using, at least occasionally.

    Marijuana is also classified the same as much more dangerous drugs like heroin by the Drug Enforcement agency (DEA).

    The reason marijuana has been labeled a "gateway drug" is because when most people try it for the first time, they see that most of what they have been told about marijuana is a lie. Movies like Refer Madness have made it seem like using marijuana will cause hysteria and delusions.

    Often users are willing to try other substances because they think, "If they lied to me about weed, they're probably lying about meth."

    But if there are more people that support marijuana than people who are against its use, why does it continue to be beaten at the voting poles?

    When the votes are counted and a marijuana initiative has been defeated, one can easily find a person who believes marijuana users are too lazy to make it to the voting poles.

    It seems that this may be somewhat true. Many excuses were given on Nov. 2, such as, "I don't know where my polling place is," or "I got an early ballot but I think it is too late to turn it in."

    Marijuana continues to be criminalized throughout the country even though examples from other countries prove legalization may be the best solution.

    The death rate caused by crime is 1.22 percent in Amsterdam compared to in Arizona alone where there is a rate of 5.94 percent violent crimes for 2010.

    The fact is that unlike alcohol, if marijuana were legal it would be very difficult to regulate and privatized prisons have made a lot of profit from the criminal activity associated with marijuana.

    Corrections Corp. of America operates locally in Arizona and currently trades at approximately $25.06 a share. Currently holding 1.91 million shares in the market, this company is worth nearly $48 billion.

    Brian Bernadel


  1. Killa Weigha
    Remember when Holland and Belgium co-hosted the 2000 UEFA European Football Championship? They had to break out the water canons, like, daily in Belgium (you naughty Brits) but in Holland? Not one riot! Coinkydink? What do SWIYall think? Sadly the drug "war machine keeps turning" and has become such an easy source of income for so many organizations it may be a long time before common sense prevails. Then there's this... voters don't decide, vote COUNTERS decide (FL 2000, OH 2004 presidential elections).
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