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Marijuana plants discovered in unrelated apartment fire

  1. SamanthaRabbit
    Marijuana plants discovered in Midtown house fire

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Anchorage police say a Midtown chimney fire exposed an illegal marijuana grow operation Sunday. Firefighters responded to a call from the house’s renters at about 7:30 a.m. on the 2400 block of Glennwood Street.

    Firefighters says flames spread from the fireplace and engulfed part of the roof. The home did not have working smoke detectors.

    The renters and their cats escaped, but three boa constrictor snakes inside died. While in the home, firefighters say they noticed several marijuana plants.

    Renter Karen Renee-Flanagan says she was growing the marijuana for herself to use for medical reasons, but she does not have a medical marijuana card.

    Police later seized the plants, and Renee-Flanagan says she expects charges in the coming days.

    “There's nothing I can do -- there's nothing I can do,” Renee-Flanagan said.

    “A house isn't wired to take that type of power utilization, but in this case every indication was that it came from the fireplace,” said APD spokesperson Lt. Dave Parker.

    Renee-Flanagan and her boyfriend have not been arrested, and are not currently facing any charges. Parker says an investigation is in progress.

    November 21, 2010
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