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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Marijuana Plants, Drug Lab Discovered In Thornton Home
    Man Arrested Following Tip

    THORNTON, Colo. -- More than 100 marijuana plants and a drug lab were uncovered inside a Thornton home late Wednesday night.

    Thornton police said the lab was large and well equipped and could have been used to make either methamphetamine or Ecstasy.

    "What was different was the fact that we did come across a lab, and it was a large lab. A lot of chemicals, lots of glassware. That's not something we have seen in 5 to 6 years now a lab quite this large," said Sgt. Jim Gerhardt with the North Metro Task Force.

    Gerhardt said investigators believe that Paul Jeide lives in the house. He was arrested Wednesday following a tip.

    Jeide has an outstanding drug warrant from the 1990s, Gerhardt said.

    Crews in special gear spent the night taking chemicals and glassware out of the home near East 100th Avenue and York Street late Wednesday night.

    "There are chemicals here that are consistent with methamphetamine production and there are a few other chemicals here that we have only really seen in Ecstasy labs," said Gerhardt.

    The 100 marijuana plants were found growing in the three rooms of the house.

    Authorities tell 7NEWS this is typical for the marijuana grows they are finding in the north metro area.

    "The overall neighborhood probably is not in much jeopardy, because these labs typically they operate inside the structure. Most everything is contained and anything that gets outside is pretty typically evaporated or dissipated in the air," said Gerhardt.

    April Schildmeyer, News Producer
    POSTED: 4:41 am MDT May 20, 2010



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