marijuana poisoning

By bubbly nubs · Sep 1, 2008 · ·
  1. bubbly nubs
    Poisoning? Hell of a whitey more like!

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  1. FuBai
    Sounds like an overdose (not fatal obviously, but just because you didn't die doesn't mean you didn't overdose), if the report can be believed. Very few details are given as to what the symptoms of the "sickness" were, so it is difficult to judge. One of the problems with hash is that it can be highly concentrated (rarely, but I imagine that someone with Winehouse's wealth and past can probably get hold of higher grade hash). SWIM made a ball of hash out of the keif (collected from the base of his grinder) from only 10g of pot, the size of the ball being around 4-5mm in diameter. This was made entirely from keif and the bud itself was consumed as normal. The ball was so strong he had to lie on his bed for a while feeling weak, paralysed and washed out - not a pleasant experience and very unusual for him. So I wonder if Winehouse was overpowered by some super strong hash, or she was simply trying to obliterate herself to overcome cravings for harder drugs. I seem to remember that in certain Canadian Meth rehabilitation programmes, Marijuana use was almost encouraged as a way to beat cravings.
  2. bubbly nubs
  3. Nature Boy
    Cannabis "poisoning" my ass! How can a drug with little or no toxic levels poison someone. This is typical media ignorance at its worst. I couldn't give two shits about Amy Winehouse but at least her antics allow us to highlight how stupid the media can be at times. Must have been the medication or just her unhealthy lifestyle in general taking its toll. Cannabis, resin or herbal, doesn't cause adverse reactions when combined with nearly every medication known. All this hype over a whitey.
  4. xxxSuSHixxx
    Marijuana HELPS with nausea , and unless Swim gets a REALLY bad bong rip, he is not going to throw up, period! and even if he did.... he would be too high to give a shit! Her hash could have been laced, or prepared incorrectly, there are way more reasons to doubt that article than believe it, personal experience and common sense say, this is all a bunch of media TRASH.
  5. FuBai
    At low doses certainly. At higher doses the effects of Cannabis can change dramatically.
  6. leadcoffin
    Vomiting after an INHUMANLY large smoke is possible, or so I've heard from a friend of a friend.
  7. Panthers007
    "Acute Cannabis Poisoning" - m'kay. Sure. I'd like to see that one in a medical text. Sounds like something Dr. Poindexter wrote up in church one Sunday morning. Along with "Homosexual Psychosis" and "Liberal Psychopathy."
  8. Greenport
    SwiM knew a person (and no it wasn't him) who turned over and puked on 4/20 because (s)he couldn't handle the eleven bowls that were going around at 4:20 :)

    Noone really cared a whole lot (it was outside and he made it away from the circle) but the person was so embarrassed that (s)he got up and left. SwiM feels bad for laughing at it but it was pretty funny :p

    Das one hell of a holiday
  9. chinpokomaster
    Sounds like she was paranoid about one of the other drugs she took but decided to tell daddy it was the weed.
  10. xxxSuSHixxx
    That sounds pretty possible too, SwiPF has smoked 6oz of bud with a friend in a few days, and just smoked him self sober and was angry he used it all so quickly, but has never got sick in any way from it. ((i DOUBT amy dorkwad or whatever could even hang past the first ounce )) IF that......
  11. Lobsang
    Well as stated they do not say what the "poisoning" was. I mean the girls lungs are all ready shot for God's sake. Maybe she was having breatthing problems after all that hash.
  12. xxxSuSHixxx
    Maybe its moldy >_>;;, have heard horror stories about herb or hash that has been infected with bugs or mold making people quite ill for a bit. or perhaps extra fertilizer or something that haddent been flushed out ... she is probably only suffering from "stupidity poisoning"
  13. enquirewithin
    Sounds more alcoholism than "cannabis poisoning"-- whatever that might be. The story comes from the Sun-- enough said.

    I wonder how many of Amy's problems are associated with her big mouthed parents?
  14. tryptamaster
    Swim belives what the other person said bout covering up. Swim has blamed drugs such as weed for himself using harder shit and knows many other swiys have. Like the flue for dope sickness.
  15. AquafinaOrbit
    People didn't think water could kill you from drinking to much either, but we all now know that's not the case. Just because you like something does not mean you should be ignorant to it's facts. (Not saying this is weed caused, but to many people are simply saying it's not possible without any real reasoning.)
  16. El Calico Loco
    Given the nice young starlet's admitted other habits - like smoking the rock - this sounds like FUD to me.

  17. Nature Boy
    How then, would it be possible to introduce a lethal dose of cannabis into one's body? It's probably possible in some completely unconventional laboratory experiment but the chances of it happening through the usual channels, i.e. smoking or ingesting cannabis cuisine, is nigh on impossible. So the reasoning here is pretty damn real I would say.

    And even with water intoxication, we're talking over three gallons of water here. Unless you're drowning, only an idiot or someone completely under-informed would manage to kill themselves in that way. I don't even know where to begin when trying to make a comparison to a smoked plant that's consumed in tiny amounts in order to reach satisfactory effects. Most people would be baked off their tree after 3g, let alone whatever equivalent to three gallons.
  18. enquirewithin
    People have been known to die from drinking too much water but not -as far as I know-- from 'marijuana poisoning.' Anything the Sun prints may be true but the paper is notoriously unreliable.
  19. fnord
    Maybe she got her hands on some of the same stuff this police officer had.
  20. xxxSuSHixxx
    The link seems to be dead, or rather the video is not there , but was it the one where the cop stole and ate a bunch of pot and him and his wife freaked out>?
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