'Marijuana Saved My Child's Life'

By chillinwill · Nov 28, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    Reefer Madness: A Virulent Disease.

    What’s with the titles? Last week ABC News featured an autistic child. His mother said, “Marijuana saved my child's life”. I’ll bet this brought hundreds of irate emails about turning autistic children into marijuana intoxicated “stoners”.

    Those persons, even some physicians, stuck on the movie Reefer Madness absent mindedly seem to believe that marijuana/cannabis somehow destroys the minds of any user. I will point out that many of our presidents have used MJ but maybe that is a bad example.

    Many prescription drugs are severe brain depressants. All opiates (morphine, Oxycontin, etc.) but I’ve never read that those patients are intoxicated or stoned! Even Benadryl is a brain depressant. Are such patients stoned?

    According to my Merck Manual about 1% of children have autism ranging from mild to pure hellions whose brains are either frozen in space, scrambled or some combination. For most, almost no standard medicine works and the most used, Ritalin and Amphetamines, have killed hundreds.

    Behavioral therapy touted by many psychologists etc. seems only minimally effective and costs a fortune.

    I have posted several articles about the success of marijuana, the vegetable, (search Autism Leveque) being used to treat autistic children. I got a flood of emails both supportive and many virulently opposing. I took psychological shelter in my computer and discovered about 1,320,000 hits on Google and about 420 articles. For Autism Therapy it was 2,570,000.

    For those stuck on the Reefer Madness diatribe I suggest they come out of that dismal obscene closet and at least check their computers. The fact that there are SOME positive results from marijuana as successful therapy for autism should at least suggest to their minds that it should be looked at.

    Autism IS a terrible disease and the burden to parents and/or caregivers is the most severe. Anything that might ameliorate this burden should be considered.


    Dr. Phil Leveque
    November 27, 2009

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    If it help's, it help's ;P
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