Marijuana season keeping police busy

By buseman · Jun 6, 2010 · ·
  1. buseman
    Every fall, fields burst with the seasonal offering of fruits and vegetables, but in late spring and summer in Georgia, an illegal crop is harvested by some clandestine farmers.

    Local police reported three marijuana seizures last week in Floyd County. Marijuana plants are typically harvested between April and August said Joey Jacobs, commander of the Rome-Floyd Metro Task Force.

    On Tuesday, officers seized 113 plants behind a home on Burnett Ferry Road and arrested Charles Mullins, 29, and charged him with manufacturing marijuana.

    The next day, officers found 20 plants in the backyard of a home on Woodbury Drive.

    Doyle Eugene Bo Tant, 33, was arrested and charged with manufacturing marijuana.

    But often growers plant in fields that are remote and often don’t even belong to them.

    On Wednesday, task force officers seized 20 plants in a remote area off Booger Hollow Road in Lindale.

    No one was arrested because it was not known who planted the marijuana.

    It’s hard to say if someone was watering them or if the rain was taking care of them, Jacobs said.

    The combined street value of the marijuana seized last week is nearly $200,000, Jacobs estimated.

    Marijuana remains a popular drug in Rome and Floyd County, Jacobs said.

    Last year we got 200 plants on two different occasions, Jacobs said. We are still finding large growth areas here.

    The legalization of marijuana has been a hot button issue in several states, especially in California.

    Voters there will decide on the November 2 ballot if they want to legalize the drug for recreational purposes.

    To people who often think the drug is harmless, Jacobs said when someone has marijuana, they often have other drugs in their possession such as methamphetamine.

    And he understands why marijuana is often called a “gateway drug.”

    Because it lets down your defenses as to what a drug can do to your system, Jacobs said.

    You are more willing to try something else once your defenses are down.

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