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Marijuana seizure turns out to be horse mint!

By buseman, Jun 3, 2010 | Updated: Jun 10, 2010 | | |
  1. buseman
    CORPUS CHRISTI -- What was thought to be a pot farm in a city park turned out to be just horse mint!

    Around 8:30 p.m. Thursday night, a teenager riding through Waldron park out in Flour Bluff spotted what he thought were hundreds of marijuana plants.

    And police must have assumed the same thing because they spent an hour pulling up about 400 plants and filling several garbage bags with the weeds.

    But, when they got back to the police station and ran some tests it turned out the suspected pot plants were just a fairly common type of weed called 'horse mint.'


    May 21, 2010


  1. Kiddycrack
    SWIM wonders how police thought those were cannabis plants which they did NOT look anything like a cannabis plant to SWIM.
  2. Horiz
    Hey, at least they got some weed....s
  3. godztear
    I bet the commanding officer at the time feels like a real jackass after sending his men to pull up that many plants.
  4. whitenoise
    It is great to see the police doing something productive and of value by pulling weeds.:laugh:
  5. Sweaty
    Its great to see the police can use their nose for things.
  6. Birkill
    God this storys fukin hilerious swim would of luved to just have sat there watching them pull up all them plants, only an idiot would have thought they were pot plants maybe at first glance if you didnt smoke it but cops should at least know what there looking for, honestly if its not blatently pills or powder then there fuked!!!
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