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  1. nicholson_tyler
    I checked to see if this had been posted, but didnt see it,...

    BLANTYRE, Malawi (Reuters) - A Malawian man believed to be high on marijuana beheaded two women with an axe Friday, police in the southern African country said.

    The man, in his mid-20s, beheaded a 52-year-old woman while she worked in her garden with her daughter and did the same to a 68-year-old friend who came to the daughter's aid, police spokesman Kelvin Maigwa told Reuters.

    "The unsuspecting woman greeted the stranger who, instead, threw the axe at her, aiming at the chest," Maigwa said.

    He said police found marijuana, or hemp, when they searched the suspect's home.

    "The house was full of stench from recently smoked hemp. We believe he had an overdose of the hemp that made him go berserk," Maigwa said, adding that the walls of the house bore quotations from famous reggae songs.

    Police have launched a manhunt for the killer, who fled into the bush after the attacks.


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