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Marijuana-Still Dangerous And Addictive

By Balzafire, Nov 5, 2010 | |
  1. Balzafire
    If you believe that anything has changed regarding how the Feds consider marijuana you should examine your belief, especially in light of the comment by the acting DEA Administrator Michele M. Leonhart.

    Ms. Leonhart could not resist getting in her two cents after the tunnel bust of yesterday.

    From the DEA press release (emphasis added)

    “I applaud the efforts of this skilled multi-agency task force of tenacious agents from DEA, ICE, Border Patrol and California Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement who uncovered this elaborate smuggling scheme leading to the massive marijuana haul and tunnel discovery,” said DEA Acting Administrator Michele M. Leonhart. “Not only will this seizure significantly disrupt the responsible cartel by stripping from it millions in potential drug profits, but it will also keep this dangerous and addictive drug off our streets and out of our neighborhoods. DEA, along with our law enforcement partners and Mexican counterparts, will remain relentless in our efforts to weaken and crush the Mexican cartels, both north and south of our US/Mexico border.”

    by Jim Walrod
    04 November 2010


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