Marijuana vs. alcohol - do the math on the dangers

By chillinwill · Oct 13, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    May we please discuss marijuana, medical or otherwise, and alcohol in the same sentence? If I were to try to poison myself to death by consuming alcohol, I could easily do so. That was proved in our community last year. Were alcohol illegal and marijuana legal, perhaps we wouldn't have lost a minor to alcohol poisoning last year. No regular user has ever "poisoned" themselves with marijuana and no one has ever died as a direct result of having smoked it.

    Alcohol is one of the leading causes of vehicular death. As marijuana becomes legal, there will doubtless be more incidents of "buzzed driving." While I cannot defend this practice any more than driving drunk, the mechanics are different regarding attention spans, reaction times, and cognitive association with one's environment. Check the police reports, if you wish, but I don't ever recall an article in the Record Searchlight regarding an accident vehicle reeking of marijuana. Could it be that marijuana-impaired drivers are safer than drunks?

    Domestic violence is fueled by the consumption of alcohol. Someone who just got high is inhabiting an entirely different mental construct than one who just drank. I have never met a violent "stoner," although I have met more than my fair share of obnoxious, violent drunks. Logic dictates that any drinker who is against legalizing marijuana is a world-class hypocrite.

    There are, conservatively, 7,500 people in Shasta County who have medical marijuana prescriptions. Knock the dispensaries, if you wish, but they will succeed or fail based upon services provided in the market. Any dispensary that creates a bad name for itself will be out of business in very little time, without need for police tactics. I am sure that the people who smoke outside of dispensaries are the same people who drink in the liquor store parking lot. The ignorant will always be with us - drunk, stoned or dead-cold sober!

    The problem boils down to an implicit threat of enforcing federal law over state law. This is patently ridiculous, as our president and drug czar have both said they will not prosecute. I would have rather our police chief had sent out a letter to all dispensaries reminding them of their responsibility, as businesses, to our community to regulate their clients' on-site behavior, rather than to have "blown smoke" at them.

    The bottom line is that, like it or not, this is the end of an era. Marijuana will soon be legal in the state of California as we, the people, will vote for legality in 2010. Any deaths associated with marijuana have been from the criminal element. Legalization will remove that incentive, once and for all. We Americans are already bankrupting the Mexican cartels - not through prohibition, but through de-criminalization! We are watching very bad law under deconstruction. Those who would vie for control of anyone's mind through manipulation of law, regardless of the purity of their motives, really need to create a new paradigm.

    Baran Galocy
    October 11, 2009

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  1. One Eyed
    I've always said it matey; that alcohol and tobacco is legal whilst cannabis remains illegal is mind boggling.

    Think of the other factors of wasted police time having to deal with young drinkers (I'm talking about 18+) stumbling the streets on a weekend and vomiting on shop windows, the unsightly view of raucous "women" flashing their arses and chests or getting banged good and hard over a wheely bin up a back alley... freedom of choice and all that but you see it all as a stander by on a weekend and just think "God, what hope has society?"

    Then there's the domestic abuse and dysfunctional families that arise from alcoholism and all the time and money that goes into that from social workers, doctors, treatments etc. Same as the cost of setting up NHS help lines and various treatments for nicotine addiction.

    We'd have to look at some evidence to suggest that MJ would be a better alternative, my opinion is it would be although if SWIM whitied in the street SWIM'd be no better than the over indulgent drinker covering the shop window (then again, a whitie is one to every 30 or so occasions of using and only ever happens after heavy drinking, not a good combination for SWIM!).

    So perhaps weed would present it's own problems but in agreement with the OP, the only stoned people I've ever stumbled across have always been very pleasant. How does it work in Amsterdam? I've never been.
  2. sirmoonie
    Baran sure likes to smokes a lot of dope.

    That disjointed, and in may places exaggerated and inaccurate letter is an example of how some well intentioned people hurt their own cause rather than help it. I could go on about how misguided Baran's approach to legalization of marijuana is but my rep points are taking some serious dings these days. Son muy sensibiles, amigos!

    Nice to see potheads get fired up though.
  3. corvardus
    The only inaccuracy I can descern would be the leading cause of vehicular death, and that would be "speeding" not alcohol. The rest is speculation and his thoughts, not uncommon in an opinion piece.

    I suspect there will be many years of pot antagonism left yet, Sirmoonie. You still have quite a bit of milage in your pot baiting predilection yet! ;)

    I doubt any significant political movement will come in 2010 despite what an overly optimistic journalist says in a backwater newspaper. I could be surprised but I will not be holding my breath.
  4. pistol pete
    swim feels much better about smoking bud all day every day aposed to people that drink only on the weekends. swim drinks maybe several times a year. its a fun drug but not the kinda i want to ever be dependent on.
    swim has lived with an seen how awful the life of a raging hoplessly addicted alcoholic is. alcohol is a fun good party drug but i consider just as powerfull,and life ruining as any other.
    i think its crazy that they let us risk addiction with alcohol and call it control when its just as bad as any serious substance. but the government gets to regulate danger for us with any other substance.
    but look what prohibition of alcohol did to the U.S. it was chaos and we got the Capones. well now we have drug cartels lobbying to keep drugs illegal so they can still exist. along with pharmaceutical companies and drug companies. Drug Free America the organization that puts on all the anti drug commercials and advertisements else where is even payed for by the alcohol and pharmaceutical companies, its almost comical.
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