Marijuana's High Times Not Memorable with Neurons Out of Sync

By Each Hit · Nov 22, 2006 · ·
  1. Each Hit

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  1. thecowman
    yeah but how many intravenously inject such high amounts of thc, especialy into their brain
  2. Fish Cookies
    And how many of us are rats? :p These tests are good to a certain extent though, despite the inconsistencies.
  3. Nature Boy
    Although short-term memory loss is a trait of marijuana use, many smokers can train themselves to overcome this unwanted side effect. There's something about testing rats that discomforts SWIM when hearing of these marijuana studies.
  4. snapper
    Also, rats do not use cannibinoids regularly, nor do they choose to do so. People except perceptual changes after ingesting something, and consequently know what to expect and how to compensate. THC causes SWIM to not have good short term memory, but SWIM can focus on one thing at a time and reason through it more efficiently than without, which would be a big congnitive benefit of the drug. One cannot expect to extrapolate cognitive changes in a species that has no choice or awareness of what they ingest or why, not to mention the massive dosages administered. Drugs modify cognition, and that is why they are taken. These studies are a complete waste of resources as they contribute to data of any real value. No mechanisms were tested or proposed, making the study a weak attempt at negative propaganda and scare tactics. That crap about not being able to learn is ridiculous.
  5. Each Hit
    i think the point of the study is being missed. it is not trying to say "marijuana screws your brain up." it is trying to find out HOW marijuana works in the brain to cause some of the effects it does. when you really look at humanity, we know so little (despite knowing so much) about our own bodies and minds. and while we are not rats, we can exhibit markedly similar responses to some drugs.

    so, if knowledge and understanding of our minds, our bodies, and the substances we ingest is our goal, i think this study is relevant. the posts just above this acknowledge the fact that memory impariment is a common side effect of marijuana. this study is just trying to say that those memory impairments are likely caused by diminished brain wave activity and by neurons firing out-of-sync. we, as humans, can compensate for such reactions better than animals, but we also share similar body structures and biological processes.

    it's okay to defend marijuana, but i don't think it was being attacked, really...
  6. Fish Cookies
    I didn't really look at it as being attacked, I was merely judging the experiment on each side as I never fully believe anything I read, see or hear the first time. This experiment has many variables which also need to be taken into consideration.. that said, I do support these types of experiments as it can give us a basic insight to things, which I pretty much said in my original post, sorry if im repeating myself a little :p Despite the fact that the specimins were rats, I do support drug research of this kind.
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