Marilyn Manson cries after being denied drugs

By Rightnow289 · Jun 6, 2009 · ·
  1. Rightnow289
    Singer Marilyn Manson cried when his tour manager refused to give him drugs

    Marilyn Manson has admitted he cried when his tour manager refused to supply him with drugs recently. The shock-rocker revealed he was left upset by the move, saying: "About two hours ago Steve [Manson's tour manager] wouldn't get me any drugs. My eyes watered. Then he asks me if I am OK! It's ridiculous. It should be, 'Here's the mirror - and now are you OK?'"

    Manson also confessed that he's been to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting - but left when another attendee asked him for an autograph. "I got pissed off," he said. "I think you should be able to go in there wearing a mask and say, 'I'm an alcoholic, I'm anonymous'. That's a real alcoholic"

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  1. Roads
    Lol, why would he admit in public to crying over that?
  2. Potter
    some is getting desperate for attention...
  3. Nature Boy
    Strange to hear Manson attended an AA meeting. He seems to be a pretty smart person if you hear him in interviews. I can't imagine him getting down on his knees and surrending himself to a random higher piece of inanimate matter. Perhaps he was forced into it by those PR rats that seem to dominate everyone in the mainstream music industry these days. 'Needles' to say, he should sack his tour manager.
  4. Potter
    the cult of AA really does seem below him. I know they do good things for some people, but I've always felt that AA people are as addicted to their recovery as they were to alcohol (if they ever get past their alcohol addiction, something AA does not encourage, once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic)

    I can't understand the man any more, he's so talented, why he doesn't retire from the shock rock stage shows and take up a life of painting (his water colors are amazing) writing, and speaking eloquently on a wide range of subject, I'll never understand. Why he doesn't get his education/therapy degree and go to work as a school guidance counselor, is a loss to our society. I've never seen a man who was better suited to helping troubled teens. A man like him could do wonders in some of our more troubled educational institutions.
  5. Spare Chaynge
    Swim "volunteered" to go to a rehab. Once their they told him about AA. Swim never heard about it in his life. He had no idea what they were. He was shocked that they held meetings and in addition shocked to see their values, beliefs and 12 steps.

    Fuck all that swim left. Potter nailed it. swim has always felt that their is something psychologically harmful even if the program keeps you sober.

    ""I've always felt that AA people are as addicted to their recovery as they were to alcohol (if they ever get past their alcohol addiction, something AA does not encourage, once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic)""(potter)

    This is sooo true.

    On the topic of MM it seems he has gotten himself very strung out on drugs.
  6. gmeziscool2354
    Did any of y'all see the southpark where randy becomes an alcoholic? I mean don't get me wrong aa saved my grandmas life but I think it's a bit bullshit. They psychologically break you down as part of the program. While I don't like mm music to much I respect the man alot.
  7. Rightnow289
    It seems to me with 12 step they are swapping one addiction for another. The other being religion. It could be argued that is a good thing I would argue it isn't
  8. Spare Chaynge
    Of course its not, why swap one addiction for another. Just deal with it and move on with swiy life.

    If you swap, when you get tired of religion or aa, your addiction is still their what happens then?
  9. Valseedian
    what is a life but a long string of you doing [mostly] the same crap day after day

    what is life but a string of addictions?
  10. Alicia In Wonderland
    I wonder what sort of drugs he's taking?
  11. Potter
    lots.... Alicia....LOTS....

    You ever read his autobiography?
  12. Alicia In Wonderland
    Aha, no I haven't. Would you mind listing them? I'm curious now. :laugh:
  13. Venusia
    Wow, that's sort of pathetic of him to let that get out there in the media. I mean, if he's really hooked, I can see why he cried, but to make that public knowledge? Maybe it's his cry for help since he was so disappointed in AA.

    I hate to stray off the topic, but I have to agree with Potter too about AA. It's a horrible cultish institution and would not go there if I needed help. The people I have known that were AAers were just...brainwashed. There is no better way for me to describe it. Their lives revolved around it, just like a drug addict's life revolves around their drug of choice. One friend of Swiv's who was an AAer would constantly hint that Swivy was in need of AA because she smoked pot everyday. Swivy was so annoyed.

    BTW, "Penn and Teller's Bullsh!t" did a great episode about how AA is so lame in so many ways.

    And I hope MM gets the help he wants or what not, if that is what he is looking for.
  14. Euthanatos93420
    Why the fuck do people pay any attention to gossip? I mean seriously the guy cried over an addiction. So the fuck what. That's not exactly abnormal. Why do we say it's sad when we're the ones who need to grow the hell up.
  15. Stu Bai
    The entire group used to constantly use amphetamines and cocaine in the 90's. Twiggy [the bassist] and Madonna Wayne Gacy [keyboardist] used to be well known daily pot smokers too. Manson was also a big fan of acid early on.

    Some of their albums like Antichrist Superstar were created in the studio on huge amounts of drugs and sleep deprivation [shows right through on the record].
  16. p$2
    ...back off topic on the AA issue... belongs in addiction and recovery section really;
    AA does not force its members into religon per se, although it does, i belive, ask them to "trust in a 'higher power'" i.e. something like a secularised god of their own understanding.
    re people becoming addicted to their own recovery... well, AA belives that if someone is an alcoholic they will always be an alcoholic. swip$ father was in that organisation for that reason. swip$ father left after several years claiming his problem had been bad relationships (i.e. releating to people in "toxic" ways) and not the substance alcohol. swip$ father now has type II diabeties. swip$ uncle who was also an alcoholic for many years stopped drinking because he was warned that he was in danger of developing diabeties.
    swip$ now sees his father is in denial about his alcohol problem ... he knows all about denial because his father spent hours telling him a lot of confessional AA psychobabble largely for his own theraputic benefit.
    This whole business is a cause of great sadness for swip$ :-(

    my point here is please don't be too quick to condemn AA as a cultish organisation. For some people it may be the lesser of two evils.

    p$2 added 1 Minutes and 19 Seconds later...

    colon - hyphen - close bracket
    should be a sad face above, obviously. :(
  17. chinpokomaster
    Crying for drugs? Might get him the badass kudos he craves from his 13-year-old fanbase but it sounds like fucking bullshit to me. I bet the cunt is teetotal.
  18. darkglobe
    Manson is undoubtedly a very intelligent man who can speak eloquently in interviews and seems to have a vast amount of worldly knowledge hidden behind that mascara... which makes it even more difficult to understand why he would publicise something so potentially embarrasing? Seems rather futile and contrived to me.
  19. g666d
    I went to mm concert once, was first time swim smoked crack (meth).
    I reckon probably the only situation where that particular chem is a positive and uplifting influence.
    Excellent concert too.
  20. cra$h
    swim's almost broken to tears when he couldn't get a fix. ALMOST. never bragged about it though. Drug use really isn't something to be proud of. Anyone can scrap a couple bucks togeather and have a kick. But this sounds like something that was leaked, over exagerated, and now manson's just going along with it. aka a publicity stunt.
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