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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Marion man gets 45 years in prison on drug charges

    MARION — A 27-year-old Marion man has been sentenced to 45 year in state prison on drug charges, Marion County Sheriff Mark Richardson said in a press release issued Friday.

    Leshaon Octavius Wyatt Bell, 27, of Marion, was convicted by a jury Thursday of distribution of cocaine base-third offense and distribution of cocaine base within proximity of a school. He received the maximum sentence, Richardson said.

    The case was investigated by the Marion County Combined Drug Unit .
    “This should send a strong message to the drug dealers and citizens of Marion County that our effort to combat illegal drug activity is working,” Richardson said.

    From local reports
    Published: March 5, 2010
    Updated: March 6, 2010



  1. godztear
    This just tells people, "Don't sell crack or we will hit you with the books." SWIM cannot agree more as he sees what Crack has done to people in the community around the midwest, which is where Marion County is located. (at least there is a Marion County that SWIM knows about in the Midwest)
  2. Terrapinzflyer
    ^^ believe this is south carolina, one of many states where there seems to be a strong racial undertone in sentencing.

    And while I agree crack has contributed to a lot of social ills, when I see white collar criminals...I mean executives, getting a slap on the wrist for schemes that do far more damage to the country/world, crimes motivated by pure greed as opposed to simple survival...

    Supposedly the image of justice being blindfolded was to indicate it treated all the same...but it would seem she's blindfolded to keep her from seeing whats become of the system.
  3. godztear
    SWIM agrees that alot of the true crooks have diplomatic status amongst the state and federal government. The problem SWIM sees here is that it was this guy's 3rd strike. You would think after getting caught twice and knowing that if you get caught again you would rethink your source of income. SWIM would say greed was involved here aswell.
  4. Terrapinzflyer
    a problem with the drug war- once you have a drug conviction, especially for drugs with a serious stigma like crack or heroin, your options narrow immensley. Your college educated and white and get busted for some powder cocaine, good chance it won't hurt you too much. But crack or heroin, especially if your a minority- good luck getting a job that pays more then minimum wage. And if you were charged with a felony? kiss in government aid goodbye- want a student loan to better yourself? forget it. Need foodstamps or public housing so you can survive at minimum wage while you try and better yourself? Nope- forbidden.

    there is little just in the us justice system. It is a meanspirited, vengeful machine and more often then not compounds problems rather then solve them
  5. godztear
    SWIM feels the pain of these individuals.

    Not so much a machine to destroy all that is right, it's not that serious. Its all about the money.
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