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Massive Bt5 Million Drug Haul Unveiled by Joint Taskforce

By buseman, Jun 5, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    Over 3000 pills of Ya-Ba and a host of other illegal drugs, firearms and stolen vehicles, with a value of over Bt5 million, have been uncovered by the Pattaya Police as the clampdown on illegal narcotics in Pattaya continues.

    Pattaya, the 3rd of June 2010 [PDN]: At approximately 12:00pm on Thursday, Lieutenant General Thanet Phingnammueng (Chon-Buri Police Superintendent) along with the superintendents from Pattaya, Banglamung and Huay Yai police stations announced their success in a collaborative police drug operation in Pattaya on Wednesday.

    Involving a team of officers from the three largest divisional stations in Pattaya, drug raids were conducted as a result of the continued clampdown on the illegal narcotics trade prevalent in the city.

    The initial raid, action at a house in Huay Yai, saw the arrest of Mr. Anuphon Hom-khajorn [22].

    The resultant search uncovered a massive haul of some 2,000 pills of Ya-Ba, 510g of Ya-Ice and a pill press (used to produce branded Ya-Ba tablets).

    Mr. Hom-Khajorn’s car, a black Honda Jazz, was also confiscated in the raid. Further investigations revealed that Mr. Hom-Khajorn is part of a larger drug dealing network organised by Mr. Anuphap Khuandee, who is currently serving a sentence in Chon-Buri Prison.

    In Pattaya, drug busts were carried out on Mr. Kanok Sirimak [25] and Mr. Somsak Suksawang [26] who were arrested whilst travelling along the Sukhumvit Road in North Pattaya.

    A search of their vehicle, a blue Honda Jazz, uncovered approximately 7.6g of Ya-Ice, police also confiscated the vehicle.

    Finally police conducted a raid at the house of Mr. Nopphadon Srilek in Banglamung district.

    Mr. Srilek, known to police as a major dealer in the Pattaya area, managed to escape apprehension, however; a resultant search uncovered 1,000 pills of Ya-Ba, 2.5g of Ya-Ice, a 9mm automatic pistol, a .22 rifle and 7 suspected stolen motorbikes stored at the premises.

    All suspects have been arrested on various drug related charges and will remain in police custody awaiting further judicial proceedings to commence.

    Officers will continue with their investigations in an attempt to successfully apprehend the fugitive Mr. Srilek and a number of other suspects thought to be involved with various drug networks in the Pattaya area.
    June 04, 2010


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