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Massive Drug Bust in Turku

By buseman · Jun 3, 2010 ·
  1. buseman
    Customs officials have seized a significant cache of amphetamines in Turku.

    The drugs are unusually potent and could have fetched more than a million euros on the street.

    Police confiscated 15.5 kilograms of the amphetamines. This is enough for 250,000 doses.

    Officers have been on the trail of this particular drug ring since the beginning of the year.

    Three men and one woman are currently detained in connection with the investigation.

    Another person may be taken into custody on Thursday.

    The cache was intended for the Finnish market. Finland is not a transit country for amphetamines, so the drugs found here were mainly intended for our market, says customs official Tom Bäckström.

    Bäckström says the same group had smuggled drugs into Finland previously.
    The District Court of Southwest Finland is to hear the case in August and September.




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