Massive drugs haul in Rotterdam

By Abrad · Jul 8, 2006 · ·
  1. Abrad
    AMSTERDAM — Police have intercepted a shipment of 204 kilos of heroin in the Netherlands as part of an international operation against a Turkish drugs gang.

    The drugs were hidden inside speakers in a delivery van stopped in Rotterdam on Tuesday, the National Detective Service said. The consignment came from Turkey and passed through Germany on the way to the Netherlands.

    Five people were arrested and police found a further 14 kilos of heroin in the Amsterdam home of one of the suspects. German police seized a further 90 kilos of heroin and arrested six people on Wednesday.

    Justice officials and police in the two countries have been working closely in recent
    months to combat a Turkish crime gang that dominates the heroin scene in the Netherlands. It also uses the Netherlands to distribute the drugs to the UK, Germany and France.

    Five other people were arrested in May by the Dutch police as part of the investigation. The drugs are believed to have come from Afghanistan.

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  1. Alfa
    I wonder if the amounts of seized heroin will rise to the bizarre amounts we are seeing of cocaine seized.
  2. Nagognog2
    In the USA, it has been known to police that drugs seized are accounted for by weight (quantitive) assay. So if you mix a gram of ZXY with a pound of sugar...VOILA! You have a pound (and a gram) of ZXY! It just has to test positive for whatever.

    This method of assaying the amount of drugs has also been known to backfire. Police have been busted for stealing a kilo of cocaine from the evidence locker and substituting mostly sugar, talc, powdered milk...
  3. hh339
    Same here in Sweden. SWIMS old supplier recently got busted with 400 grams of less than 1% amphetamine. He now serves about 4 years in prison. It would have been better if he had been ripped off 100% instead of 99% by his supplier. Imagine the frustration he must be feeling.
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