MDA/MDMA Crazy Experience

By KomodoMK · Oct 15, 2008 · ·
  1. KomodoMK
    One day my little fishy went back to his friend G's house with G's half brother C and another friend A. Little fishy and A and just picked up 2 bags of real high quality MDA and MDMA pills. They intended to have a good session at G's before his father came home, who really doesn't like any of his sons friends. They all dropped the MDMA pills but little fishy and A also dropped an MDA pill.

    Pretty soon after G's dad arrived home unexpectedly, usually they would just climb out the window and sneak off, but they didn't want to be out on the cold streets with no music whilst pilling. G instructed little fishy, A and C to hide under the bed why he went to talk to his dad and sort things out. They all hid, but as you can imagine 3 lads under the bed in the dark is going to get silly. They all started stroking/touching each other etc.. and blaming it the other person, this lead to a lot of laughter and his our friends father working out we was all there.

    G and his father started arguing quite badly and there was a loud bang, G's half brother C ran down the stairs to find him kicking his father on the floor, C then hit his brother so hard in the face it knocked him unconscious, his sovereign ring completely ripping through the skin of the line between the nose and lip.

    Little fishy and A run down the stairs to find the father phoning the ambulance (and by proxy the police) and his son lying on the floor in a huge pool of blood. Little fishy spoke to his sister on the phone and she said it's fine for him and A to stay at hers, we booked a taxi. Paramedics arrived first and G started to come round, he had no idea what had happened and at the exact same time he was obviously starting to come up on the pills. It looked really freaky!!

    The taxi turned up and just as little fishy and A were about to get in it so did the police, they wouldn't let us leave without questioning. This was really difficult because they were having the most intense MDA and MDMA come up ever at this point and knew they must have looked absolutely fucked! Not to mention the quantity of drugs they had in their possession. All we told the police was fake names and addresses and that it was a family domestic dispute. It felt like it took half hour but in reality it must have been 3 minutes tops. Talking to the police on that intense come up with pupils the size of saucers is more difficult that one would think, trying to think on your feet and give a fake name and address was quite an achievement. Eventually they got in their taxi and left...

    G ended up in a hospital miles out of town and was told he may need plastic surgery. No-one knows what happened to C that night, he turned up at 7am after going on a bender. Little fishy and A went to fishys sisters and had an amazing time. Little fishy had the second best experience of his life and enjoyed rolling around on his sisters floor in a duvet for hour after hour and barely remembers communicating with anyone during this time. It just felt so damn nice!

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  1. sylenth
    that is crazy! smurf has seen a new friend's chin get kicked, out side a club before. so bad it was a piece of meat hanging dripping with blood the smurfs took the guy to hospital. it was really intense & really heightened the mdma experience & yeah being around cops when fucked is intense too man...
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