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  1. MrR2m1
    MDPV is an evil drug for some of the researchers that buy the stuff........
    I have see test subjects binge for days with no food or sleep, paranoia sets in and you cant tell if the test subject is going to loose control of their anger,rage or even fly off the handles completely.
    I cant believe a chemical can change a researchers mood to a volatile,unpredictable and unstable mind frame.

    This is not to be consumed. If so make sure you have friends round you that will keep you cool and calm. :joint:


  1. SpatialReason
    Not necessarily. It is fine to use in extreme moderation, but it is just the ridiculous addictive nature of it that makes it really "to be avoided" by my standards.

    In excess, this shit will make a solid man crack.
  2. MrR2m1
    But in the majority of fiends to this substance can source it down without fail. It's basically like alcohol,readily available.
  3. SpatialReason
  4. thirdeyelasik
    Well this one has a little brother that is almost just as bad....a-pvp. Just as evil but even sneakier.
  5. MrR2m1
    never tried, thanks for info deffo stay away from that one :vibes:
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