Medical marijuana: An excuse to get high

By chillinwill · Oct 22, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    The medical marijuana issue has little to do with helping people and more to do with making the drug legal for all those who want to get high and not get into trouble. If we are truly concerned about using marijuana for medicinal purposes, we would send it to the Food & Drug Administration to be tested and if approved they would decide on the best way to make the drug available.

    This is how we handle any all potential new drugs in this country, and if approved, we get our prescriptions filled at a licensed pharmacy. However this has never been done with the drug marijuana, because we all know the results would be negative since the drug is more dangerous than anyone wants to admit and its medical use is at best minimal.

    Instead Baby Boomer lobbyists have convinced several states to set up independent "marijuana dispensaries" which can sell marijuana directly to the public, with a doctor's prescription. There is no other drug in this nation that is dispensed directly to the public through independent stores. Can you imagine an OxyContin dispensary in your neighborhood?

    As predicted this has already led to widespread corruption and the creation of a new black market in which marijuana dispensaries are selling the drug to anyone, including minors. It has also led to an increase in doctors who will write a prescription for marijuana without proper diagnoses, for a price.

    Let's remember that the two drugs that kill more Americans are the two legal drugs of tobacco and alcohol. In alcohol's case, when the drug became legal after Prohibition, we saw a dramatic increase in its use and an increase in addiction, accidents and use by underage youth. Making marijuana legal would only lead to the same results. The major difference is when you smoke pot, the goal is to get "stoned or high" unlike alcohol and tobacco, where you can use a small amount without creating impairment.

    If we are honest with ourselves, we all know that the higher you get after smoking marijuana, the more impaired you get. So if there is a medical use, let's put it through the proper channels, but if the real goal is to legalize marijuana, we need to think about the consequences.

    Mike Gimbel, Timonium

    The writer is the former Baltimore County drug czar and a recovering addict.

    Mike Gimbel
    October 21, 2009
    The Baltimore Sun,0,3803842.story

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  1. dyingtomorrow
    Fuck ... reading shit like that just hurts. Sorry I can't really say anything intelligent about it, I am so stunned.
  2. EscapeDummy
    Let's also remember that the one drug that kills no Americans is the illegal drug marijuana. And I don't even want to tackle that second statement, WHAT???? How can he even say that?!!?
  3. Motorhead
    In the US medical marijuana patients and organizations supporting them, most notably NORML, have been petitioning the government since 1972 to have marijuana removed from schedule 1. The FDA has repeatedly ignored studies that show medical marijuana benefits.

    Again, the FDA and DEA have ignored everything that has been presented to them. And, o ya, the thousands of medical marijuana patients, many of which suffer from extremely debilitating illnesses, have been lobbying government, risking prosecution, starting websites, and spending their free time trying to get access to medicine just so they can catch a buzz while, supposedly, at the same time there is something at their local pharmacy that could make them feel better? Like oxycotin? Come on.

    Yes. They are called pharmacies.

    Whats new about this black market? It's been around since the 20's.

    Doctors taking bribes? Where the fuck is he getting this? If doctors were taking bribes for anything it would be oxycotin prescriptions. Why waste money on bribing a doctor for weed when apparently anyone can walk into a dispensory and score bud.

    So apparently death is a side affect that is socially acceptable.

    This is complete bullshit. I'm not even going to google stats, but alcohols propensity to turn people into assholes and cause shit has nothing really to do with its legal status. Making marijuana legal would not cause a spike in usage. Its been around forever, available everywhere. Whoever wants to smoke weed, smokes weed. Making it legal would only remove the penalties for using it.

    Yes the goal is to get high, unless of course you're using it to aleviate symptoms related to glaucoma, AIDS, cancer, multiple sclorosis, insomnia, epilepsy, chronic pain, muscle spasisity, etc. etc.

    Ya thats the point. Same goes for alcohol, that drug that kills more Americans than any other, remember.

    Ya we've been trying the proper channels for decades. Consequences? How about less idiotic editorials like this one.
  4. Hyphal-Knut
    I dont see why it should have to be for medical reasons i mean what medical reasons to tobacco and alcohol serve if someone wants to smoke a joint throughout the course of there day whats wrong with that surely no worse smoking a cigarette or taking a drink, and lets face it a cigarette smoker has the same intentions to get high on nicotine and so does the drinker its just discrimination thats all.
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