Medical Marijuana and the By-Product Industry: Drug Counselors, e.g. Roger Burt MSW

By chillinwill · Nov 13, 2009 ·
  1. chillinwill
    As marijuana becomes increasingly accepted, what will the people who profited from the misinformation do?

    I hope everybody knows that I am a strong advocate for Medical Marijuana/Cannabis based upon its effective, safe medical use for the last 4000 years.

    As a physician/pharmacologist/toxicologist who has assiduously studied the subject for 50 plus years I get horn swaggled by frequent articles about how useless, dangerous and addicting that this medicine is.

    Sometimes I think the nay-sayers are talking about heroin or maybe Oxycontin, both of which are beaucoups dangerous and medically and scientifically have nothing in common with marijuana/cannabis.

    In the face of the fact that The American Medical Association's recent statement affirmed the use of Medical Marijuana and an article in The Oregonian newspaper, Oct. 28, affirmed the same thing, I was astounded to see a letter to the editor from Roger Burt, MSW, stating MORE HARM THAN GOOD re: Medical Marijuana (Nov. 10, 2009).

    What really astonished me was his foolhardy temerity in posting his foolishness on, under the name "John Burt". It is the same comment he wrote that was published by the Oregonian, but he's trying to be sneaky with, using a slightly different name.

    On the Salem-News comment, claiming to be John Burt, MSW (Master of Social Work???), he's likely the previously mentioned working as a (drug) rehabilitation counselor for the Oregon Department of Health and Human Services. He implies that marijuana is dangerous to the nervous system when in fact it is used successfully for the medical treatment of many mental/psychological disorders.

    He also says it is “extremely dangerous to health and lungs” which is totally false and flies in the faces of 3000 Oregon Physicians affirming its medical value for about 30 thousand patients in Oregon and perhaps a million legal users in the U.S. I guess he didn’t read that several U.S. Presidents and many high profile Americans have used it without obvious harm??

    In his short identifying biography, I see he has been “working” as a “drug?” counselor for 35 years for the Oregon Dept of Health and Human Services. He obviously hasn’t read even The Oregonian's positive articles, nor anything else about the herb that Administrative Judge Frances Young of the DEA called the “safest medicine ever found by man”.

    It is my opinion that Mr. Burt is trying to protect his well-paying job which is obviously about to become obsolete, subject to the quasi-legality of marijuana/cannabis which is on the cusp of becoming decriminalized.

    I hope Roger Burt or John Burt or whatever his name actually is, can find another job, maybe selling used cars. He has the background.

    Dr. Phil Leveque
    November 12, 2009

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