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  1. MikePatton
    The medical marijuana bill was turned down unanimously - 10 voted against, 3 abstained.
    Unlike the forecast, not one of the ministers voted for the bill to reclassify Cannabis as a substance with medical qualities.

    The members of the minister committee gathered on Sunday (June 16 2013) to discuss the new bill introduced by MP Tamar Zandberg to classify Cannabis as a substance with medicinal value. The bill failed to pass with 10 voting against and 3 abstaining.

    *The article lists the names of those who voted against, but since no one here ever heard of them I really don't want to translate the names of those assholes. I am deeply ashamed of my government today.

    I will edit with more information as it becomes available, this is just the first publication.
    It should be mentioned that many people do receive medical marijuana, but they need a "special permit to use an illegal substance" as Cannabis is defined by law as a substance with no medical benefits. Recently the new government made many new restrictions for medical cannabis patients, and so this bill was introduced.

    It will go for a second vote in Parliament on Wednesday but I don't want to get my hopes up really.

    Cannabis Magazine


  1. MikePatton
    Today the billed failed to pass the vote in the Knesset (parliament) as well. 48 voted against, 19 voted for it. In 2013 in Israel, the biggest distributor of medical marijuana, the government still claims Cannabis has no medical benefits.
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