medical marijuana dispensory robbed

  1. beentheredonethatagain
    Men sought in $10,000 pot clinic raid
    Daily News Wire Services
    Article Last Updated: 01/04/2008 06:15:24 AM PST

    GRANADA HILLS - Police today searched for six men who took roughly $10,000 in cash and thousands of dollars worth marijuana during a takeover robbery at a medical marijuana clinic in Granada Hills.

    The robbery occurred at 10369 Balboa Blvd. around 8:30 last night, said Sgt. Jace Kessler of the Los Angeles Police Department's Devonshire Station.

    During the heist, one shot was fired, ricocheting off the floor and breaking a window. No one was injured.

    The six robbers took some $10,000 in cash and up to four pounds of marijuana before fleeing the scene in a 4-door SUV, possibly a Mercedes, Kessler said.

    During the investigation police recovered a sawed off double-barrel 12- gauge shotgun from the scene, he added, though police did not immediately say who is believed to be the weapon's owner.

    Anyone with information on the robbers was urged to call detectives at the LAPD's Devonshire Station

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  1. realitybias
    I wonder if they will return the goods to the dispensary...
  2. fnord
    fucking assholes! Grandma likes it when pharmacies get robbed but this just isnt right!
    things like this will prevent medical marijuana from spreading,pretty soon itll be like methadone clinics where towns will writes laws to prevent dispensary's from setting up in there town.
  3. Shampoo
    Unfortunately, this is not a rare occurrence. Swim has been present in two pharmacies during their financial demise, one perpetrated by a moron with a gun, the other by a group of morons with guns...and DEA badges. This obvious and dangerous pitfall for the medicinal marijuana industry has been present since day-one, and is taken into consideration as an 'inherent' risk in the distribution of a legal substance that is sought after by an illegal community. The appearance within mainstream media is a welcome sight, as the vast majority of these dispensaries function under questionably legal premises with even more questionable motives (which is more than often the cause of their eventual demise), and are therefore reluctant to report these crimes to legitimate authorities. As a distributor and part-owner of a medicinal marijuana dispensary, swim has made the choice to be a law-biding businessman, paying income and sales taxes, and running as a legitimate non-profit organization, so that when the (please forbid) fateful day comes to take swim to court, or call the police after a robbery, there is no fear of personal prosecution.

    This is already occurring. Swimy town has already outed two clinics, one legally-biding, and the other acting under morally sound but illegal premises. The town in which swims clinic is run has strict guidelines, including a specified distance from schools, hospitals, and state and federal buildings that must be maintained, as well as specified hours of operation and a clause enforcing non-profit business decorum.
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