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  1. bananaskin
    EUGENE, Ore. -- They needed to collect about 8,000 signatures by July 2, but would the medical marijuana proponent's push for signatures be enough to get a new initiative involving dispensaries?

    Supporters of medical marijuana not only gathered the amount of signatures they needed, they turned in double the amount, most likely ensuring the new cannabis-involved initiative will be on the November ballot.

    The new initiative would modify Oregon's current medical marijuana law by adding a regulated supply system of dispensaries and producers.

    People involved with the push to gather the signatures say it's a huge move in help patients that rely on cannabis for medicine because it means they're one step closer to gaining easier access to the drug.

    "The hard work is just beginning. We got the voters to at least approve it to get on the ballots, but now we need to educate the voters to make them feel comfortable in voting 'yes' on this measure," said Voter Power Board Member Jim Greig.

    Those involved in the measure, I-28, say according to their polls, 59 percent of Oregon voters support the inititive so far.

    By Jeff Skrzypek
    Kezi 9 News
    July 2, 2010



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