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Medical marijuana meets social couponing with Denver company

  1. Mick Mouse
    Denver-based mmjdailyDeals.com is picking up where other social couponing sites don't dare to go, offering deals of up to 80 percent off on medical marijuana in your in-box everyday.

    Founder john Molinara said that his company is filling a void for medical marijuana patients who stand to benefit through increased accessibility and affordability.

    "Patients are able to receive 'one sweet deal a day' as we screen for the best products and offers available for them", Molinara said. "Patients deserve a competitive market that provides them the most affordable prices in the industry."

    Modeled after other social couponing sites, such as Groupon, mmjdailyDeals allows patients to enter their zip code and e-mail address, and they will receive one daily deal from the medical marijuana community to their in-box every day.

    Patients are able to acquire the daily deal, for as little as $10.00, and receive savings of up to 80 percent on everything MMJ related, including edibles, smokables, accessories, hydroponic equipment, dining, and educational offerings, to name just a few of the great offers.

    The Denver Post


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