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medical pot club robbery oakland SR-71

By psyvision2000 · Aug 23, 2005 · ·
  1. psyvision2000
    Oakland, SR-71 Robbed at Gun Point
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    <DIV dir=ltr style="OVERFLOW: auto" align=left ="bbquotec">Pot club robbed by armed gunmen

    OAKLAND — A downtown medical marijuana dispensary was robbed of cash and pot by three gunmen Sunday evening, police said.

    The suspects made off with $600 and 5 pounds of marijuana, with a street value in excess of $10,000, police said.

    The robbery occurred at SR-71 around 7:45 p.m. Sunday, when three men in their 20s, all armed with handguns, took over the shop. The trio fled in a 1970s blue van with gray stripes, police said.

    A licensed cannibis club and coffee shop, SR-71 is one of three operating

    marijuana dispensaries in the so-called Oaksterdam neighborhood. Located at 377 17th St., the store has a loyal clientele.

    Neighboring storekeepers say they were not aware of the robbery. The owner of SR-71 and store clerks would not comment on the case.

    Police have not made any arrests. </DIV></DIV></DIV>Edited by: psyvision2000


  1. Sick Jack
    600 in cash and a few pounds of weed....

    My God ! Is the offense of growing pot so hardly punished in the US to make it more attractive to hold up a coffeeshop for 5 f**king pounds ?
  2. geoff856
    id hold up a coffee shop for 5 pounds...im on my way to the club
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