Medical pot grower: "I'm in jail for helping people"

By chillinwill · May 13, 2010 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    Guy Casey is a medical marijuana growers who has been booked into jail, accused of selling the drug to the general public.

    Dozens of marijuana plants were seized from what police are calling an illegal operation. But Casey, the main grower, said he was just trying to help people dealing with medical issues.

    "I'm in jail for helping people, so be it," he said during an exclusive jailhouse interview with KOMO News. "You'll see the public outcry. We'll see what's going on."

    Casey said he's the victim of a police crackdown on legitimate medical marijuana users, including patients dealing with cancer treatments, glaucoma and physical injuries.

    "Here I am, a 48-year-old patient. And here I am in jail, trying to explain my situation. It's a travesty. This is insane," he said.

    But police see Casey as a drug dealer. His Olalla home, as well as his storefront - Club 420 - were raided Tuesday morning. Agents found nearly 70 marijuana plants in an underground grow operation at Casey's home.

    Detectives said the limit for medical marijuana plants is 15, but Casey said he needs the 70 plants to provide adequate care for the three legal users he provides for.

    "If you read the law, it says 15 or whatever you deem necessary. It's been amended. They don't put a lot of credence to that, but that's the facts," said Casey.

    Investigators believe Casey and his co-defendant were using the medical marijuana operation as a front for selling to people who don't have authorization to have medical marijuana.

    The multi-agency West Sound Narcotics Enforcement Task Force has been working on the case since January with the help of undercover informants.

    "Several of the undercover informants were able to make purchases there, and clearly did not have the proper credentials. Nobody checked, and it was simply a good place to buy marijuana," said Det. Lynelle Anderson.

    But Casey claims he's eager for the facts of the case to surface.

    "I'm calling for everybody in the medical marijuana community to stand behind us and this situation. Let's get it squared away. This is ridiculous," he said.

    Casey and his co-defendant are set to appear in court on Wednesday. Casey said he doesn't plan to bail out of jail; he wants to stay behind bars in order to make a statement.

    By Keith Eldridge
    May 12, 2010

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  1. beentheredonethatagain
    I dont really feel sorry for this lad, he got busted for slinging pot, it is not a legit business yet in california, may be in november when we vote on it, he has too slow his roll... the legal weed is here, just have to buy , sell, grow, use, in a lawful manner, and that is so easy it cant be helped.

    now do I feel that pot growers belong in jail? heck no of course not, I believe in growing, just right now you must do it the state's way, and like I said, it aint that hard. :cool:
  2. dadrone
    Even worse, this is actually in Washington State where providers are only allowed to provide for one person in addition to themself. Several stores have tried anyways (to provide to multiple people) but most have been arrested or shut down.
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