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  1. Shampoo
    A professor of mine once paused, interrupting his lecture on Descartes' orders of reality, remarking, "I have had the strangest dreams lately." Puzzled, but inquisitive, the students began to listen as he continued, "Each night I have met a philosopher, in the same open field, under the same orange sun. Each night they tell to me the ideas that guide their thoughts, laying the foundation for their philosophy. After listening, I would lean in closely and mumble to them, in response to which they would step back disillusioned, thinking 'I must start from scratch, my proofs mean nothing'."

    One inquisitive student asked, "What did you tell them?"

    The professor elaborated, "Last night I met Descartes, and as usual, he began to outline his discipline and philosophy. I waited patiently, then mumbled to him, at which he turned in disbelief, and wandered off to rethink his theories. At this point, I woke myself up and scribbled down my mumbled sentence on a piece of paper, before rolling back to sleep. Upon waking, I read the paper. It said, "Well thats what you say."

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  1. Metomni
    Hot damn.

    The words of response have left me.

    That has so many implications if you choose to draw them. Fascinating anecdote no matter what though.

    So much meaning from so few words.
  2. TMM
    I take it that is a response to the little Latin phrase under your username. I never agreed with it, myself, although I was never able to put my finger on why. Just one of those logical conglomerations that your subconscious has already put together for you, and trying to deconstruct would be hellishly difficult.

    Good post. Always good to have more philosophical exposure, although academic philosophy has always left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth.
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