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Mental exercise postulating ideas for changing personal/public perspective re drugs

By salviablue · Apr 30, 2010 ·
  1. salviablue
    This is just a mind blurb, something I thought I’d best write down so I could work through it, make sense of it and either discard it, use an idea developed from it or shape it more into a valid resource.
    But either way to try and evict it from my head and attempt to limit the amount of persistent vexation it causes my wife from its constant vocal utterance and postulation, and my self for its oft cyclic and unprogressive pervasive chaos, and my memory.
    Kind of like working under the premise of “a problem shared……” and “writing down ones problems has them manifesting on paper and the minds of others, and releases their weight from ones own mind” type thing….

    It is also a morphing work in progress, full of half baked lines and ideas, unfinishedness and general disorganisation and I invite intervention, criticism, postulation, discussion, debate, structure, admiration…….

    I would also like to 'humourise' this (if it does seem humorous, it is not intentionally intentional) or at least have this as the study for the humorous text to come.
    Oh, and come up with a nice title.

    The Plight of the possible broadmind

    Definitions for arguments

    Ammo for the “drug warrior” or human rights activist

    Here I will explore the environment of the juxtaposition of common ill- or under-considered preconceptions with those of seemingly unrelated (pre-)conceptions.


    The term “drug abuse”, what does it mean, is it as “sex abuse”?

    Does it mean as in “the drug abuser” is like a “sex abuser”, someone whom abuses others through sex/drugs.

    Or is it as in “the drug abused” is like “the sex abused”, someone whom was abused by another, via the medium of sex/drugs.

    Lets assume, as I think we know we can, that, pertaining to the use of drugs contrary to the recommendation of the medical/pharmaceutical fraternity, the term “drug abuse” means ‘the use of drugs contrary to the recommendation of, or not on direct instruction of, the medical/pharmaceutical fraternity’.

    Or maybe that’s just “drug misuse”, and “drug abuse” is “specifically, the use of drugs in greater quantity, greater frequency and/or route of administration and/or on occasion different to, or not on, the direct instruction of, the medical/pharmaceutical fraternity.” Although when used in the context of illegal or illicit drugs, and by common interpretation, all their use is abuse, as their use is supposedly against the recommendation/instruction of the medical/pharmaceutical fraternity, as stated in the law, which in turn, is supposedly formulated factoring the recommendation of the medial/pharmaceutical fraternity.

    This is the meaning we shall assume here to be commonly meant.

    Of course, it must be noted that the effective points of view as to what exactly constitutes the details of the recommendations or direct instruction of the pharmaceutical/medical fraternity changes from country to religion to politic to society to time/history.

    Is this, so far, just arguing semantics? Are these pedantries here really necessary? Well possibly not, but I think so. For a start it sets precedence, on questioning that which is often taken for granted, the humble word or term, for those used common place, and in a well known subject, but whose details are fuzzy once they are really contemplated. Especially when the theories or related facts and knowledge are examined and/or contemplated too.

    I personally do view the term of “drug abuse”, especially when used interchangeably with drug misuse, but with the meaning of drug abuse, as being an abominable use of the English language, worse even than mine in this blog. What exactly is being abused, and, except for points of politic or personal moral, and where legality and social context would allow it so, whom specifically is being protected by the current ignorance, prejudice and prohibition prevalent in, and dominating the, majority of public conscience.

    Its inferred and imposed meanings are oft time contradictory none-sense blanketing and insulting.

    Consider that the legal and political status of drugs as they are currently set by political policy, public/media opinion and religious influence, are invalid for just those reasons. Politics, popularity and religion cannot sanely be used as determining factors for drug legislature nor as a basis for conducting drug education or drug use.

    I proffer a definition for the idea of ‘drug abuse’, namely that: where drugs are used to the detriment of the user and/or others, where there is a significant disruption or danger to health, wellbeing, others, work/study, family, family commitments

    Similarly, ‘drug misuse’: where drugs are used in a manner inappropriate to the circumstances or in error, either through ignorance or lack of skill and/or knowledge.

    Leading to, 'drug addiction': the persistance of drug use where its cessation would cause either short term or long term great discomfort and/or mental/physical dangers to health. Where drug use would allow misuse or abuse, where otherwise the individual would not have allowed misuse or abuse if not for the persistance (i.e. impair the reasoning and/or risk assessment of one whom would not have been otherwise impaires if not for the persistence of use to avoid great discomfort).

    Drug addiction becomes a problem where its persistence allows significant misuse and/or abuse. Where drug use interferes with the individuals interactions with their environment to the point of the detriment of the individual or others. Where one cannot sustain and maintain the addiction with out the degeneration of the self, ones family and social peers or requiring to beg, borrow or steal.

    Dictionary definitions:

    Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

    Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

    [h2]“Food abuse”[/h2]

    Food misuse, the use of foods contrary to the recommendation of, or not on direct instruction of, the medical/political/social fraternity, possibly leading to harm of the abuser and/or the abused. The use of foods in such a manner as to suggest a lack of understanding as to the commonly understood method of use or esteemed function.


    Food abuse, specifically, the use of foods in greater quantity, greater frequency and/or route of administration and/or on occasion different to, or not on direct instruction of, the medical/political/social fraternity, possibly leading to harm of the abuser and/or the abused.

    A contextual consideration for the qualification of misuse – that which is not necessary either for the health and continuation of the individual, the group/clan/family, for the human race:

    The consumption of food, by its availability, unbefitting the task for which it is consumed, either by provision of too much or too little of that which is required and/or unnecessarily adding to, or complicating, toxic loading.

    A contextual consideration for the qualification of abuse – the persistence of misuse, (where the misuse or its persistence interferes with personal development and/or other people or interaction with society,) physical and/or psychological dependence.

    Food addict, one whom cannot cease or moderate their incidences of food abuse without considerable discomfort.

    [h2]‘Life giving’ abuse – birthing etc[/h2]

    Not so sure on the actual nomenclature for this one

    [h2]‘Fear abuse’ – religion etc[/h2]


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