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Mental health drugs overused - U.K. Healthcare Commission Report

  1. Micklemouse
    From The BBC



  1. Micklemouse
    From Rethink


  2. Nagognog2
    Such is what amazes me when I hear people wondering how much of one of these molecules would be a good high. Good Gravy!
  3. Alicia
    Yes, tis very surprising, the only good high those medications can cause are of the benzo's class and she would not recommend them. Psychiatrists in general are very good with "creative writing" when trying to describe people too, still its ment to make u feel better right.. lol


    "Everyone has the right to the best evidence-based care, but it is unacceptable that people experiencing a mental health crisis can still be treated as second class citizens.”

    Lol.. yeh funny thing that.. Strange how people change when it suddenly happens to you. although nothing new for swia. She herself wonders why some people were put on so many different meds in the first place and as a result had to stay longer due complications from a result from there medication.
  4. Nagognog2
    "Oh baby! Let's do some perchlorphenazine for a month and get ripped! We can get some Fluoxetine from Tina, too. Then when our legs swell up big as a phone-booth, we can party at the All-Night Junior High Dance and win the prize! Isn't it cool this stuff is easy to score?" <gulp!>
  5. Alicia

    Lol,yeh she reminds me of swia when was away in that place.although its not like that anymore... More prozac nurse ratchett.
  6. mickenator
    Swim was perscribed Olanzapine without being told of the side-eefects even though swims Dr knew swim drove for a living and low and behold after about 6 months of this medication swim had a seizure behind the wheel of swims company van and had a bad crash, then a month later swim had another seizure cuased by the same drug luckily this time swim was not driving. When it came to find out what had caused the seizures it was the Olanzapine and not Epilepsy or any other abnormallity. Swim has had no other seizures for 9 months since coming of this medication. It would have been nice for someone to discuss these kind of things with us. We maybe abit crazy but we aren't STUPID.
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