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  1. chillinwill
    A GRIEVING mum yesterday blamed party drug meow meow for the death of her teenage son.

    Rachel Higginson only discovered her lad Will Filer, 18, had been taking the legal high after he was found hanged from a tree last month.

    She said: "I've no doubt that had Will not taken mephedrone he would not have killed himself."

    Will had recently completed an Army Preparation Course and planned to apply to join The Rifles this summer.

    He secretly took mephedrone - and is thought to have blown up to £600 on it in the six weeks before he died.

    It emerged in pals' statements to the coroner who will conduct an inquest into Will's death.

    Now mum-of-three Rachel, 39, of Chippenham, Wilts, is warning other parents about the drug.

    She said: "It was completely out of character - I never knew him to be depressed.

    "Kids I spoke to said this drug makes you feel down, depressed and even suicidal. Will had split with his girlfriend, but he'd never have done this because of that."

    Meow meow has been linked to 26 UK deaths. The Sun has led a campaign to have it outlawed.

    MPs have formally backed a move to make it a Class B drug and the Government hopes the law will be passed before Parliament winds up ahead of the Election.

    Keen sportsman Will, handed a science award on leaving school, was found hanged at Chippenham on March 1. A stereo playing music was on the ground beside him.

    At his funeral his family asked for donations to the Help for Heroes charity. A Facebook group set up in his memory has more than 1,200 members.

    Rachel added: "Will was such a good boy. His death was hard enough - now I'm told he'd taken this stuff too."

    Home Office minister Lord West yesterday denied ministers were guilty of a "knee-jerk" response to mephedrone. He spoke as the Lords backed a ban on the drug and legal highs.

    April 9, 2010
    The Sun


  1. Goku4ever
    I live in Chippenham!

    It's a tragic death, but I doubt the suicide was due to the drugs alone. There must have been a lot of underlying mental problems. The drugs were just the tip of the iceberg.
  2. Simplepowa
    How can you blame a chemical.

    I don't believe this. If you truly want to live, you will. He was just not happy with his life, hence the drug abuse and then the suicide.

    The media scare over mephedrone is getting ridiculous.

    And I'm tired of reading MOEW.
  3. Paradox
    Somehow I find it much more likely that the drug use was a symptom of the depression, rather than a cause of it. Drugs don't create new thoughts or put thoughts in someone's head, though they do have the capacity to magnify tendencies that are already there.

    The sensationalism of this story disgusts me. Instead of calling for better mental health services and understanding of the family dynamics which likely played a large part in the issue, they immediately say "Hey, the kid took a drug - drugs make you kill yourself!" For what it's worth, my penguin says that the only drug that has ever made him contemplate suicide was alcohol - and that was when he was already depressed. Rather than taking responsibility for her inability as a parent to notice "Hey, my child is really struggling with this breakup, maybe I should do something to help him." The mom decided "Hey, he was taking a drug, that clears me of any parenting responsibilities whatsoever. Now when people look at me and I feel them silently judging me for my son's death, I can hold up his drug use and say 'It's not my fault!'"

    Simply put, if I had a friend go through a rough breakup, and I saw him spend $900 on drugs in a short time, I'd take the time to go get a beer with him and talk to him about what is going on. Banning drugs won't prevent depression or suicide, actually giving a damn about other people will.
  4. EyesOfTheWorld
    He had just had a rough breakup and was about to be sent off to war. Seems to me like much more motivating factors than 4-MMC
  5. solartrinity
    This is a very sad story and i feel for the family. But can I say that maybe there is a possibility that meow wasnt the reason for Will hanging himself. I noticed that the guy had been serving in the forces and may have been witness to death, murder, war and which has an effect on a person especially upon coming back home as they have time to reflect on the change in lifestyle and thoughts and memories of war become prominant? Post traumatic stress disorder is one mental illness caused as a result of the type of exposure to war and the related deaths and destruction.

    People when faced with problems look for a solution and drugs are an easier quick option to escape the reality. I wonder if alcohol had been Wills solution would that be on the headline of the paper 'Alcohol drove my son to hang himself'? Maybe it should be realised the papers selling stories are based on what the public want to read about and mephedrone is high on the list of gossip at the moment.
  6. BloodyMuffin
    "I never knew him to be depressed"

    Yeah? well you didn't know he was doing drugs either. shows how much you cared. when someone is depressed you can usually tell before they kill themselves.

    "The Sun has led a campaign to have it outlawed"

    so then no chance of a bias here or anything right?

    fuck man... swim is depressed as shit right now, but his parents know it and call him about once a week. he does drugs, but thats not the cause of his depression. they're a means of escape from it. granted he hasn't done mephedrone and really has no plans to, but still. if mephedrone just outright caused suicide there'd be a LOT more stories like this. this story is perfect as an argument against the drug because nothing can ever be proven or disproven. all you can say is "look! that guy took mephedrone and then hung himself!"
  7. EscapeDummy

    But he took drugs! Therefore it had to be the drugs! Everyone knows drugs are worse for your mental state than losing a girlfriend or going to war!
  8. Smeg
    SWIM feels that there are already anecdotal warnings about mephedrone in DF from various members, let alone the sensationalist gutter press, their attendant acolytes, and a high percentage of their readers too. SWIM would hasten to mention that there is more than substantial evidence to suggest that taking any mind altering substance (no matter what it is) may sometimes navigate toward changed perception of any of SWIY's hopes for a positive doable. livable possible future.
    This (to SWIM) would hopefully inform wariness/caution. But how do SWIYs know?
    SWIM's drugs of choice at present are MJ and a well known Irish stout. His taxi driver tells me that he does both in slightly more than moderation.
    There is nothing less than compassion from SWIM to any SWIY who has harmed SWIYselves or left the world because of misjudgement. He advocates a preference that all SWIYs be attentive to the way they feel in sober base line emotional mode prior to taking anything that may prejudice safety. He tells me that this may sound, at the very least naive and, at the most, patronising.
    SWIM is mindful that what he says has been said before. He apologises for repetition. He apologises for repetition.
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