1. chillinwill
    PARTY drug meow meow may have claimed another life, detectives said last night.

    A woman, 24, was found dead yesterday - possibly after taking the legal substance, real name mephedrone.

    She had not been named last night.

    Her death in Norton, North Yorks, follows two tragedies last Monday.

    Louis Wainwright, 18, and Nick Smith, 19, died after taking meow meow in Scunthorpe, Lincs.

    DCI Nigel Costello said yesterday tests including a post mortem should establish if the woman had taken the drug.

    He said: "If you have used this drug and feel unwell seek urgent medical assistance.

    "If you possess this supposed legal substance please hand it to the police or dispose of it safely... it is very dangerous."

    March 23, 2010
    The SUn


  1. FUBAR
    I work in a drop in used mostly by carck and heroin addicts and over the last few weeks there seems to have been an explosion in use not just in clubs but on the street. we have heroin users who are scared to death of the anthrax alert trying the drug. are these teenagers buying pure and taking too much or is it in the cut. very worrying and compared to the threat from ecstasy is a much more dangerous substance. the people who are taking it think it is the best thing ever. i heard it described like touching the hand of god th eother day!!! im a harm reduction worker 'how can i compete with God' seems like a very worrying trend.
  2. micko
    it would be very nice to here the toxicology results for these mephedrone related deaths. as there is no definite answers as to what caused them. i know the two lads who died at the weekend were also using other drugs such as methodone which is a heroin substitute and is more than capable of causing death with small amounts. i also understand that the young woman who died at the weekend was also using different substances. the only problem i can find with mephedrone is that there are no guidelines on the amount which should be used. as always the press jump on any bit of news which will sell there papers regardless of weather it is true or not.just like when ecstasy first came out and and all the hysteria which the press generated. now ecstasy is considered a pretty safe drug
  3. Rampage91
    They die because mephedrone it's extremely morish and they just overdose . Of course the mephedrone may be cutted .
  4. Phenoxide
    Unless you've seen the toxicology report and attended the coroner's inquest, I don't see how you can assert this is what has happened in any given case. We do not know how much the victim took, how they took it, what else they had taken and in what doses, their medical history etc. Assuming that these deaths all occurred as a result of overdose is nothing but speculation. All we get from media reports is the very limited information available at the time of death, much of which is anecdotal. If we make firm conclusions on such weak information then we'd still think that Leah Betts died of an MDMA overdose, not water intoxication.

    Though there's no firm statistics as yet, my gut feeing is that the number of mephedrone-related deaths in the past few months is too great to be purely coincidental. The risks logically seems greater when it is combined with alcohol or opiates (and the anecdotes appear to support this), but that's not to say that mephedrone cannot pose a health risk in its own right. At face value it seems unusual for otherwise healthy mephedrone users in their teens or twenties to be dropping dead at such a rate.

    Until someone compiles information on the details of each case, and more importantly the actual cause of death, we simply won't know if there's a pattern developing here.
  5. mrsvend3245
    does the media have to report every mephedrone related event? Come on its fucking annoying. Pretty much every UK thread has to do with mephedrone. Leave it the fuck alone. It'll be illegal in no time. You don't see the news covering every Heroin OD, now do ya.
  6. John Doe
    They report on what they think will sell papers unfortunately, the days of people buying a newspaper for, god forbid, news, seems to have gone by the wayside in favour of marketing the headlines.

    All in all though SWIM is interested in the outcome of all of these cases. As a SWIMmer SWIM feels SWIM has a personal interest in them. The political games of popularity are very intriguing, SWIM feels there is something very wrong with how the law is being changed. Democracy is a sham if the public representatives can create an unpopular law overnight which effectively changes law abiding citizens into criminals over the course of 24 hrs...
  7. Friedbeefwithnoodle
    This death will seal the fate of Mephedrone now.

    The media have got to the point now where they will shit-out any story or death even if its only slightly related to Mephedrone, as it grabs peoples attention and its what they want to hear.. theres no news like bad news and all that. Thing is have any of these post mortems or toxicology reports for these people dropping dead actually found Mephedrone to be the direct cause of death? Im surprised were not yet seeing headlines stating MEPHEDRONE WILL KILL YOU DANGEROUS DRUG BAD DRUG BAD DRUG!

    According to Prof.Nutt 1 teenager a day will die due to alcohol, more then Mephedrone but rarely covered. There are plenty of people that OD on various drugs and die but this is hardly (if ever) covered even though it happens on a daily basis. I think if the government acts in haste and without clear logic to ban this substance, all SWIM's are doomed and may need to find a new RC quite soon.
  8. Meow Tse Dung
    This is getting bad for the 'responsible' Meow users. SWIM has just came out of a Detox meting, in France because SWIM's school was worried and arranged the meeting.
    After trying to prove how bad the stuff is, they were obliged to admit that... I'm in better condition then most of the youngsters of to-day.
    Drug abuse is bad... Moderate use on the other hand...
    Well if every one had been moderately using Mephedrone, this news would not come up.
  10. Terrapinzflyer
    ok folks- please keep this thread on topic.

    As a general rule discussion of cutting drugs is forbidden (exceptions being when discussing purifying to remove cutting agents, and to an extent, some of the "bath salt" products where even the active ingredient tends to be unknown)
  11. Cuberun
    It's always the ridiculous slang names which stick..

    "possibly".. I guess they just assume every overdose nowadays is caused by mephedrone.

    The biggest problem with mephedrone is that teenagers get a hold of it..
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