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  1. chillinwill
    Mephedrone, a white powdered drug, which has similar effects as cocaine and ecstasy when inhaled, is said to cause anxiety, heart palpitations and convulsions and can even be fatal if taken with alcohol.

    Although the drug has been termed illegal to be sold for human consumption by the police, the suppliers offer it for using it as plant fertilizer or bath salts. Mephedrone is being sold online promising a door-step delivery with a tag line "not for human consumption".

    Barrow Drug Squad Boss, Detective Sergeant Mike Brown said, "People seem to be favoring legal highs like. They think because it's legal, it must be safe, but I can't stress enough that isn't the case. It is rife in this area at the moment".

    This drug is a matter of concern for the Government, health bosses and police as the durable effects of this drug are not yet known.

    Talking about the drug being illegal, DS Brown said added, "We don't know a lot about the long-term effects of Mephedrone because it's still fairly new. It's illegal to sell it if it's advertised for human consumption, but it's being sold as plant fertilizer over the internet. It is something that is being looked at by the government and it is high on their agenda. It was made illegal on December 23 last year. It is a potentially huge problem. We need to know more about it".

    by Jason Ramsey
    March 2, 2010
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  1. Euphoric
    Though I have no disagreements with the statement in the title, it should be noted that either alcohol or mephedrone can be fatal when consumed on their own.
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