Mephedrone Death - ‘Freebase’ cocaine seized days after suspected overdose death

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  1. chillinwill
    A batch of a potentially lethal cocaine-based drug has been found days after a young man died following a suspected overdose.

    The drug, a type of ‘freebase’ cocaine sold under the street name ‘Magic’, is being blamed for an increase in the number of people being hospitalised in recent weeks.

    The find comes as the family of Stephen Boyd (21), who died at a house party in Twinbrook, on the outskirts of of west Belfast, warned other young people about the dangers of taking drugs.

    “We just want answers. We want to know who he was with and what exactly it was he took,” his aunt Paula Boyd said last night.

    Police are investigating Mr Boyd’s death. A 32-year-old man arrested on suspicion of possessing and supplying a class-A drug has been freed on bail.

    Mrs Boyd said her nephew had been babysitting his 12-year-old sister at their Kerrykeel Gardens home until about 1.30am on Saturday when he went to see friends at a nearby house.

    He then went to a house party in Twinbrook with another young man. It was there that he collapsed.

    The family understand that Mr Boyd had “taken something” at the property in Cherry Close.

    Mrs Boyd said details of what happened were “still very sketchy”.

    However, she said: “Police told us he had drugs in his system.

    “He collapsed at the party. His friends say he took a fit and they took him out the back and tried to bring him round and cool him down. They rang an ambulance because they knew he wasn’t good.”

    The Lenadoon man celebrated his 21st birthday three weeks ago.

    Mrs Boyd said Stephen’s younger brother and sister were devastated.

    She said the loss was particularly tragic as it followed the death of the children’s mother four years ago.

    “Stephen was a good kid. He never brought any trouble to the door. He was very, very outgoing and, as the eldest, was responsible,” she said.

    “He was an all-Ireland champion boxer and had worked in the Whitefort and in the Balmoral Hotel.”

    Mrs Boyd urged young people to consider the risk posed by drugs.

    “We want other kids to be aware that they don’t know what they’re taking – they don’t know what’s in it. We don’t want another family to have the same tragedy,” she said.

    By Maeve Connolly and Allison Morris
    September 17, 2009
    The Irish Times

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  1. chillinwill
    Mephedrone Death - ‘Freebase’ cocaine seized days after suspected overdose death

    Lethal drug blamed for rise in number of people hospitalised

    A batch of a potentially fatal cocaine-based drug has been discovered just days after a young man lost his life following a suspected overdose.

    The drug, a type of freebase cocaine that goes under the street name ‘Magic,’ is being blamed for an increase in the number of people being hospitalised over the last number of weeks.

    Ardoyne community group Concerned Families Against Drugs (CFAD) yesterday handed over a batch of drugs that included ecstasy, amphetamine and a quantity of herbal cannabis to a priest in the area.

    However, it was the presence of a bag containing a significant quantity of the potentially fatal drug that has alarmed residents.

    Stephen Boyd, from the Lenadoon area of west Belfast, died in the early hours of Saturday. Police are awaiting the results of a toxicology reports into the 21-year-old’s sudden death.

    The drugs discovered in the Ardglen area of Ardoyne were yesterday handed over to parish priest Fr Gary Donegan, who passed them to the police for destruction.

    The Holy Cross priest said he was relieved the drugs were now off the street but alarmed at the increase in substance abuse among the younger population.

    “Just this week a parishioner reported seeing children as young as 12 in school uniform smoking cannabis,” Fr Donegan said.

    “Drugs are a scourge on our community and lead to all sorts of other problems such as antisocial behaviour and relationship breakdown.

    “I would welcome the fact that these particular drugs have now been taken out of circulation.”

    Mairtin Og Meehan of CFAD said the fact that the potentially fatal cocaine-based drug appeared to be readily available on the streets was alarming for parents.

    “This should obviously act as a wake-up call to any young people who may be thinking about, or have already, experimented with drugs,” Mr Meehan said.

    “They really need to be aware of the consequences, which could be deadly.”

    This is the second batch of drugs discovered in the north Belfast area by community workers in a fortnight.

    Two weeks ago members of CFAD passed drugs discovered in the Old Park area that included a quantity of the horse tranquilliser ketamine on to a priest.

    “Illegal drugs are harmful and can kill regardless of apparent quality or lack of quality,” a police spokesman said yesterday.

    The spokesman said anyone with information on the whereabouts of illegal drugs should contact the PSNI.

    By Allison Morris
    September 17, 2009
    Irish Times
  2. Synesthesiac
    But was it actually mephedrone that killed him? They dont mention it once in either article...
  3. bubbly nubs
    So what has this got to do with 'freebase' cocaine? And why is freebase written as if its a quote...
  4. lineartransform
    I believe "magic" is the local slang for mephedrone. The "freebase" comment is likely telephone-game style miscommunication - one informed source tells them it's a powerful stimulant similar in action to cocaine, next guy hears powerful cocaine, next guy thinks "well, the only powerful cocaine I know of is freebase"... and so on.
  5. Synchronium
  6. salviablue
    I presume so, Alfa brought up the names of the articles, chillinwill found/uploaded them, but I'm unsure as to where they came from (i.e. how they are linked to aforementioned thread). I seem to remember anon15 mentioning where to look for them, but I can't find it now. Only, IIRC, anon15 mentioned the use of mephedrone as "magic", yet as others have pointed out, there is no link between mephedrone and "magic" mentioned in the articles, and no mention of mephedrone either. I think it was he that also mentioned the link between said thread and these articles? (correct me if I'm wrong, as I'm sure swiys will;))

    Infact, it doesn't mention anything of anything thats directly related to said thread, not even a mention of "legal highs". These newspaper articles have just mentioned illegal drugs (unless herbal cannabis is meant to mean not-cannabis, as in cannabis substitute), and "magic" as just being a street name for 'freebase' cocaine.

    Or am I missing something here?
  7. Alfa
    Since the above relates to these articles, I posted it here as well.
  8. Finn Mac Cool
    Mephedrone is known as 'magic' in some parts of Belfast, mainly Nationalist areas but from what I've heard it wasn't meph they took, whatever it was it gave two of them fits, one survived, journalists getting it wrong? never.
  9. s0laris
    There was a lot of misinformation in the local media.

    Mephedrone has been getting popular in the area and the first rumors were that it was mephedrone they were taking but it was most likely base speed (which people were calling 'melted coke'). One of the papers actually published that it was cut with rat poison. :|

    A news report claimed that 'magic' was a mix of coke, mdma and ketamine. Doesn't sound very plausible!!

    Another article here with video:
  10. kailey_elise
    What?!?! The media getting information about drugs wrong?!? Surely you jest! ;)

    I'd buy that; if that baggie being held up in the posted photograph is supposed to be either cocaine(maaaaybe) or 'freebase' cocaine (definitely not!), that amount would surely cost a pretty penny, not an amount I'd suspect a teenage boy would be likely to spend for an evening party...

    I guess we'll see once they get the toxicology report of the autopsy...that is, if the media decides to post it.

  11. salviablue
    Now if this news article really is what anon14 was on about here, then apparently there is going to be no other autopsy report other than:
    But then again,

    but I suppose this report could have come out after her initial posts, but she only followed up some of the first replies, then stopped posting.

    Quite a few inconsistencies, could be down to traumatic state of mind......
  12. SWIH
    the bag the concerned gentlemen is holding up in the picture clearly contains some kind of miniature firearm. Surely snorting that would be dangerous enough to kill someone?
  13. BumpBump
    magic round here is mdma
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