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Mephedrone DID kill tragic South Ayrshire teen Jordan

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Mephedrone DID kill tragic South Ayrshire teen Jordan
    TRAGIC teenager Jordan Kiltie WAS killed by the then legal high mephedrone - according to a toxicology report.

    Since the 19-year-old died in March his heartbroken mother, Angie has had her grief compounded by rumours in Ayr that Jordan had died after taking a cocktail of drugs including mephedrone - which was being sold in shops as plant food.

    She has now received a letter from Jo Cunningham in the Ayr's Procurator Fiscal's department that her son's cause of death was the drug.

    Mrs Kiltie, 35, said yesterday: "This is proof that it has been mephedrone and nothing else that took my son's life. There was no alcohol in his system and he hadn't been mixing it with anything else.

    "I want it to be made clear that I have not been paid nor have I sought any money for revealing the pathologist's findings, I have gone public because I just want youngsters to know that mephedrone on its own is a killer, in the hope that no other parents or families have to endure what we have been going through."

    Full story in this week's paper.

    Tuesday, 1st June, 2010 12:59pm



  1. Horiz
    Ahh shit, I live in South Ayrshire. Was the shit tainted? Take a ridiculous dose, allergic perhaps?
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