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Mephedrone freely available on the internet despite ban

  1. Finn Mac Cool
    The drug mephedrone, banned almost a year ago, is still easily available to buy on the internet, the BBC has found.

    Mephedrone became a class B drug, the same as speed or cannabis, last April.
    But despite the ban and the risk of up to 14 years in prison for supplying it, dealers are still offering large amounts of the drug on websites.
    A BBC Radio 5 live investigation found websites offering "designer drugs" including mephedrone, with some even offering free samples to new customers.
    After the ban was introduced, some websites closed down while others rebranded themselves as selling compounds they called Research Chemicals - but are actually drugs with names like Benzo Fury, Jolly Bomb Caps and Green Genie Kryptonite.
    So far these new compounds have not been made illegal. Meanwhile drug dealers are also moving into the supply of mephedrone in the hope of offering casual users supplies of more addictive drugs like cocaine.

    Chinese websites, the source of most compound drugs, offer one kilogram of mephedrone for £1,600. Once mixed with glucose to bulk it out, it could make a drug dealer almost 20 times that amount on the UK's streets.
    One 38-year-old user, from the north-west of England, told the BBC: "I can still get it on the street but the quality's not very good.
    "There are a lot of drugs for sale on forums, though. It can take you a bit of time to find a good source, but in the end you will find one.
    "I know, personally, of one man who sells weed and speed and he's started selling mephedrone because he'll make more money.
    "A lad who used to sell a gram of cocaine will now sell a gram of mephedrone. If I can't get any, I'll have the cocaine instead."
    A survey for the dance and clubbing magazine Mixmag, to be published in the March edition, showed 75% of 2,500 clubbers polled at the end of last year had used mephedrone since it was banned.
    Users said they and their friends had concerns about mephedrone, as little was known about it and research into its side effects was limited.

    Side effects

    Drugs advice charity Drugscope said users were now its only source of information about the drug.
    It said they were aware of users' "reviews" of their experiences posted on forums, detailing what cocktail of drugs they have taken and its effects.
    Mephedrone, also known as M-Cat, was banned after being blamed for a series of deaths. However, it later emerged that a number of deaths were linked to other forms of drug abuse.
    The patterns of its usage though concerned drugs experts, as it was seen as particularly attractive to young users who had not come into contact with other drugs before.
    In 2008 Israel became the first country to ban the chemical, said to give users a similar high to amphetamines or cocaine.

    8 February 2011



  1. mersann
    I wonder - are these forum suppliers actually from Britain? Will they meet up personally to sell Mephedrone? (That would sound kind of risky to me) If they aren't from Britain, though, the comment about the 14 years in prison doesn't make sense at all.

    And why do they focus on Mephedrone? As far as I heard/read, suppliers for all of the more commonly used illegal drugs can be found online, if you have got the right connections / if you are good at searching. OK, perhaps it's more difficult with a drug like MDMA, which is still more generally banned worldwide than Mephedrone - despite the EU ban, still...
  2. 3.4-Empathy
    I don't believe it's that easy....
  3. 80sbaby
    ha. think again buddy. with mephedrone being so uncontrolled practically everywhere, its not hard to think that a vendor would say, you wire me money, and ill send it, but, u didnt get it from me.
    do u think ppl in china care if the package gets caught going to a house in the uk.
    no, its all on the uk person bro.
    itssssss easy! it would be like saying herion is only illegal in america.
    Would u be out looking for a website in mexico to ship it to you????
    Yep, as any other fruit monkeys wants. If you know the right animal everything is "easy".
    Here in the jungle, where monkey lives, there is heavy knife use for anything. Bah,...greedy folk :mad:
  5. Synesthesiac
    IS this figure of 75% of clubbers have used mephedrone after the ban higher than pre ban percentage?
  6. mickey_bee
    It is possible to buy literally any drug you want on the internet - from mephedrone to heroin.

    It's just very hard to find certain sites forums which sell illegal drugs - particularly drugs which are illegal in most countries in the world.

    But there are sites/forums out there, which will sell you anything. They can be found.
    However, most, indeed the most obvious ones, are normally complete scams.

    Literally any drug can be bought on the internet if you know the sites and have the access and money.
  7. lofty
    Sorry mate find this far to hard to believe, they will be site offering things like you said are scam, but who really will sell any thing from cannabis to cocaine to someone with a user name? If i PM you, you look safe, over 800 posts, from the UK but what would say if I did PM'ed - would it be rearrange this well known saying "off F**k" haha.

    Just think BBC Radio 5 are trying to stir an old story and probably seen some RC online that are very similar to mephedrone.

    Not having a go Mickey_bee just either haven't seen these site or think they could exisit...for long
  8. 80sbaby
    i dont think i undertsood any of this, but im also working on about 3+ hours sleep.

    anyway buddy, can u just please accept the fact that while you have veiwed maybe +/- 20,000 websites offering substances. you have not had the chance to view all websites.
  9. Terrapinzflyer
    Clubbers 'still using' banned drug mephedrone

    A new survey suggests that clubbers are still taking the drug mephedrone, nearly a year after its UK ban.

    A poll for the dance music magazine Mixmag, seen by BBC Radio 5 Live, found one in four of those questioned had taken the drug in the last month.

    33% said the ban has had no effect on their use while another 10% said they have increased the amount they take since it was made illegal in April 2010.

    But the online survey of 2,500 readers also suggested the price of the drug has doubled and it is now more likely to be cut with other chemicals.

    What is mephedrone?

    Mephedrone is sold as a white powder which is usually snorted in a similar way to cocaine.

    It is also found in capsules and pills or can be dissolved in a liquid. In very rare cases it can be injected.

    What else is it known as?

    Mephedrone has a whole host of street names including meph, 4-MMC, MCAT, Drone, Meow and Bubbles.

    The chemical might also appear as an ingredient in other pills and powders, possibly without the actual name appearing on the packaging.

    What are the intended effects of taking it?

    Mephedrone is often described as a mix between ecstasy and cocaine. Users say they feel more alert, confident and talkative.

    Like cocaine, the effects appear to last around an hour before wearing off.

    Is it anything to do with another drug called methadone?

    Both have similar sounding scientific names but are completely different substances.

    Methadone is a pharmaceutical drug typically used as a very strong painkiller or to treat heroin addicts.

    Mephedrone is a recreational drug with effects similar to amphetamines and ecstasy.

    Do we know if it's safe? Any long term dangers?

    As a relatively new drug, the health effects of taking mephedrone are still unclear.

    In the Mixmag survey 54% of those polled said they had worries about their friend's drug or alcohol use.

    The most likely substance to cause concern was mephedrone followed by alcohol, cocaine, ketamine and cannabis.

    Mephedrone users have reported short term side effects including excess sweating, headaches, heart palpitations, nausea and cold or blue fingers.

    Other anecdotal evidence suggests heavy use can lead to paranoia, hallucinations and panic attacks.

    Most of those side effects are common with other stimulants like ecstasy and cocaine.

    Les King, who has researched mephedrone for the government, told Newsbeat in 2010: "Chemically it is closely related to amphetamine and ecstasy but doesn't seem to be as potent.

    "On the surface that would make it less harmful but any benefit could be negated because users are taking larger amounts to get the same effect.

    "So all we can say is mephedrone is probably as harmful as ecstasy and amphetamines and wait until we have some better scientific evidence to support that."

    We still don't know if mephedrone is physically addictive.

    Reports suggest the effects of the drug last around an hour before users feel the need to 're-dose'.

    There have been reports of users snorting more of the drug than they intended and finding it difficult to stop.

    But it is unclear whether this is proof of a medical addiction or a dependence or reliance on the drug which is generally considered less serious.

    What's the legal situation?

    Mephedrone was sold online as a "legal high" until it was banned by the government.

    Often it was sold as a plant food or research chemical to get round the law regulating the sale of medicines.

    In April 2010, politicians made it a controlled class B substance with a maximum punishment of five years for possession and 14 years for dealing.

    What's happened since the ban?

    The survey of clubbers for Mixmag suggests the typical price of the drug has doubled from £10 to £20 a gram since the ban was introduced.

    Most websites specialising in legal highs no longer sell the drug openly.

    But it appears dealers have started selling the substance alongside other banned recreational drugs like cocaine and cannabis.

    Before the ban was introduced, 33% of clubbers said they were buying mephedrone online compared with 38% from friends and 24% from dealers.

    Since it has been made illegal, 58% said they now buy it from a dealer and 41% from a friend

    Tuesday, 8 February 2011

    NOTE: Mixmag has not publicly released the survey results yet, though obviously they made them available to the BBC. Mixmag is set to publish them February 17.
  10. Synesthesiac
    By forum suppliers they mean forums that are private invite only, and they will only sell to people who have become trusted in the community after a long time of posting. The only way to get an invite will be an email from an already existing member that knows you personally, not just through the internet. Most of these forums are not on google, and on most you wont be able to get any where near an actual legit vendor until you have fully proved yourself to not be a scammer or some sort of law enforcement.

    And no, I doubt that hardly ANY mephedrone is produced in the UK at the moment as its illegal here but still legal to make in other countries. British sellers will get it imported and then re-sell it from the UK in most cases.
  11. 80sbaby

    well not exactly true. their is 1 forum, that is just crazzy out of control vending, i mean, they are litterally the next big bust waiting to happen.
    they have users making posts with lists of rc vendors for each specific substance, and they are all great vendors, but they are just highly ignorant to that fact that while these chemicals are legal in a sense, it does not mean you cannot be arrested. They litterally allow non members (guests people browsing the web) to have full access to everything in thier forums.
    So if you want to order from theese people, without being a member, the vendors dont know and dont care. stupid stupid stupid!

    They are having a false sense of security feeling that becuase its unregulated, that they are not in danger of the law.
    they are extremely mistaken, i made it a point today to search all forums for threads relating to 2ci and 2ce busts.

    well my findings were incredible. Ive found articles dating back to 2002 of dea and other operations busting people out of united states for possession, traffficking, and manufacting, and guess what most of em went to jail.
    So, 2ce and 2ci are still unregulated, and u think ur somehow different from the people getting arrested in the news articles we post.

    The only thing saving people ass is the sheer amount of vendors distributing these chemicals across the world and the "slow, acting political reform" taking place.

    But as you see this is heating up in all countries. so as the heat builds up and some more are officially made illegal for all to know. they will not tolerate us trying to rebuild this chaos.

    Do you honestly think these people are going to sit back and let us continually through new science create new drugs and cause them political headaches and nightmares???
    insane. hell no. they will come down hard, and the entire community will suffer and scatter.

    And then after this, you will only find that the new vendors jumping in to take the place of the busted or paranoid ones, are only out to scam you and have no intention of mailing any type of chemical. :thumbsdown:
  12. mickey_bee
    Don't really understand much of this post.

    But the fact remains that drugs of all types are sold on the internet. They're not all sold in obvious ways like mephedrone was. They're sold in many different ways, the forum set-up being one of the most common.

    And these sites are always invite only, and set up so as not to appear on search engines. - Granted it's not the same as doing online shopping at Tesco, but swim can guarantee you it's out there.
  13. 3.4-Empathy
    It's no longer produced in china
  14. Synesthesiac
    Not really true, its just illegal to do it there now. A fair percentage of the factories that were synthing it im sure are still producing it, albeit most likely on the sly. A few Chinese pharmaceutical companies someone i know informed me are still selling it on the underground, but you wont stand a chance of finding them anymore online, apparently.
  15. 3.4-Empathy
    If it's not possible to find them online then it shows that getting mephedrone online from china is incorrect.
  16. ianzombie
    It might not be possible to get it from legit RC vendors in China online, obviously with it being illegal now they are not going to risk their business, however it can still be bought from China online.
    As for weather it is still being produced there or not the Dr has no idea, perhaps what is being sold is stock that was left over after the ban, however he finds it hard to imagine that it is no longer being produced simply because it is now illegal to do so.

    There is a lot of money to be made from its production, the law might have changed but why should China be any different from the rest of the world when it comes to production of illegal drugs?
  17. 3.4-Empathy
    From the beginning post it sounded as if it was still sold from china freely without worry. My main argument was that it isn't.
    As for the manufacturing of it, yea illegal drugs are produced all over the world. But on a massive large scale I personally think it isn't. And for the crack down on precursors in china, I personally believe it is not produced to the extent to what people believe.
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