Mephedrone high 'junkie' jailed over threat

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    THE wife of a jailed drug dealer has been put behind bars for her overnight intrusion into a house occupied by two people she accused of being "grasses".

    Leanne Gammie or Harper made her way in through the unlocked front door and grabbed a pool-cue case before heading upstairs, Wick Sheriff Court heard on Monday.

    Senior fiscal depute David Barclay said those in the house in Hillhead Road, Wick, were roused from their sleep by a noise outside about 3.30 in the morning of August 8.

    He said: "One of the occupants shouted down that they were sleeping and for whoever was there to go away. At that stage they had no idea who it was."

    A short time later, they heard the word "grasses" being shouted on a few occasions.

    The occupants called the police but by this time they could hear the sound of the accused making her way upstairs.

    Mr Barclay said: "They saw the accused, who was holding a pool-cue case which she must have picked up in the hallway as it belonged to one of them. She threatened violence, though the threat was implicit, rather than anything she specifically said."

    Thirty-year-old Harper left the premises but not before smashing a mirror in the hallway.

    Mr Barclay said the persons she called grasses had previously been interviewed by police about a drugs case involving her husband, James Harper (44), who was recently jailed for four years and eight months after he admitted being concerned in the supply of cannabis resin.

    Leanne Harper, of Nicolson Street, Wick, was jailed for eight months on Monday after she appeared for sentence from custody.

    Reports were ordered after she previously admitted breaking the peace by shouting, threatening violence, entering the house uninvited and causing fear and alarm to the occupants. She also admitted malicious damage.

    Both offences were committed by Harper while she was on bail. She has 15 previous convictions.

    The court heard that before going to the house, Harper had drunk beer and cider, as well taking the designer drug mephedrone.

    Solicitor Craig Wood said she felt "lost" after her husband was jailed and reverted to a pattern of heavy drinking and drug-taking.

    Mr Wood told the court: "She had a welling resentment that the complainers had got her husband into trouble through giving certain information to police about her husband's activities. She began to see them as the source of her unhappiness."

    Harper, who is on incapacity benefit, has little recollection of her visit to the house.

    Mr Wood said that the drug had removed her inhibitions and led her to act in the way she did.

    "There was no overt threats on her part. It was just an implied threat by the sounds of it," he stated.

    Mr Wood said social workers describe Harper as vulnerable and using drink and drugs to cope with unresolved emotional issues.

    Harper has, he said, since stopped abusing alcohol and drugs. "She's now come to her senses and is keen to make her way forward and be allowed her freedom."

    Sheriff Andrew Berry said he found the background to her visit to the house "very sinister and worrying".

    He told her: "It was 3.30 in the morning and you gained entry to a house you had no right to be in.

    "You used the word grasses and you armed yourself to some extent before you went upstairs, all when you were subject to a bail order that was only eight days old."

    The sheriff backdated her jail stint to run from August 10.

    Harper was also ordered to carry out two years' probation after she admitted an unrelated racially aggravated breach of the peace.

    The court heard she was drunk when she racially abused Keyleigh Ake in Huddart Street on July 30 after the latter called her a junkie.

    The court heard Harper had been friends with Ms Ake, who is of mixed race. But Harper believed Ms Ake had been spreading rumours about her associating with another man while her husband was in jail.

    After the chance meeting in the street, the pair had argued and Harper had uttered the racial insult.

    Mr Wood said Harper had a short time later apologised to her friend.

    The accused's probation order will come into force on her release from jail.

    By Iain Grant
    September 2, 2009
    John O'Groat Journal

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  1. missparkles
    Re: Drug dealer's wife jailed over threat

    Sparkles knows women like this, their husband goes inside and they bask in the street rep their man has. They strut round believing they can get away with any behaviour. She's a racist, and she thought she was above the law.
    She was on bail with 15 previous convictions, she blames her behaviour on her "unresolved" issues, and comes across as the victim.
    Just cos someone has an addiction, it doesn't make them disrespectful, ignorant, bigots. She's the worst type of junkie, she'd be a problem if she didn't take drugs or drink, but again, this sort of story demonises junkies who don't behave this way. She wasn't sorry for her behaviour...she was sorry she got caught.
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