Mephedrone menace: The deadly drug that's cheap, as easy to order as pizza

By chillinwill · Nov 27, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    The motorbike courier arrived at my home shortly after 8pm. He could have been delivering a pizza. It was certainly just as easy as ordering a margherita. One phone call. A text message to confirm address. Then, 40 or so minutes later, a knock on the door.
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    But, on this occasion, the person standing outside was not from the local takeaway. He was carrying an envelope, and inside was a sachet of white powder called Mephedrone and a fake bank note. You can use the 'bank note' to snort Mephedrone like someone would a line of cocaine. It can also be taken in tablet form like ecstasy.

    Either way, it produces the same feeling of euphoria. That's the selling point, if you like, of this new party drug. Another is the price. It's dirt cheap. You - or, to be more precise, your children - can buy a gram of Mephedrone for around £7 or even less (one gram equals about five 'doses').

    There is also a third benefit. Unlike cocaine or ecstasy, Mephedrone - which is known as 'meow meow' - is legal, which is why it can even be delivered directly to your front door, up until 3am every day of the week in London, with a few clicks of a computer mouse.

    The downside? Side-effects include convulsions, breathing problems, nose bleeds, depression, psychosis - and, in some cases, even death.

    Mephedrone, imported from laboratories in China, is believed to have first entered Britain last year. By the summer, it was sweeping through clubs and parties throughout the country.

    Only now, though, are the dangers becoming apparent. Last weekend, 14-year-old Gabrielle Price died after taking a suspected drug cocktail including Mephedrone at a house party in Brighton. A friend who was there said Mephedrone was being taken by children as young as 11 who assumed it was safe because it's not illegal.

    Youngsters all over Britain are now turning up in casualty after experimenting with Mephedrone. In the Durham area, five victims have been hospitalised in recent weeks. In one case, a reveller suffered horrifying self-inflicted injuries during a Mephedrone-induced 'high'.

    One young woman tells today how her friend's eyes 'rolled back in her head' and she then began 'foaming' at the mouth after taking the drug at a music festival.

    Mephedrone has already been banned in some European countries - including Norway and Finland, where it has been linked with a string of deaths.

    The Home Office says it is also planning to make it illegal here. It is waiting for the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs - which is investigating Mephedrone as a 'top priority' - to report back early next year. F

    or the moment, however, the people trading in Mephedrone - legal drug dealers in all but name - are beyond the law. As a police officer who has witnessed the side effects of the drug explains: 'There are no criminal offences relating to the possession or supply of Mephedrone, yet the effects are the same as Class A drugs.'

    In Britain, any substance sold for 'human consumption' has to be licensed or subject to rigorous safety checks. So unscrupulous dealers market Mephedrone somewhat bizarrely as a plant fertiliser. In fact, Mephedrone (full chemical name: 4- Methylmethcathinone) is a stimulant described as 'two molecular tweaks away' from pure ecstasy.

    'It is never used in any products that people would use to fertilise plants,' said a spokesman for the European Fertiliser Manufacturers' Association. In other words, you might as well give your plants cocaine or heroin as Mephedrone.

    Nevertheless, words such as 'plant food' and 'plant snacks' are used in all the websites selling Mephedrone. We found at least 30 websites in a few minutes.

    Buyers, they say, must be 18 or over, but anyone with an email address, an internet payment account or just a mobile phone can buy the drug. The site we purchased our supply from asked customers: 'Do you understand you are buying plant food not for human consumption?'
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    But what gardening company makes home deliveries in the early hours? Our order cost £30 for two grams - plus £20 for the courier service.

    The consignment came from a flat in a redbrick block near Victoria Station, where we observed a man of Middle Eastern appearance with a goatee beard, in his 30s, hand out brown envelopes and fake bank notes to callers. He was accompanied by a fair-haired man dressed in T-shirt and jeans.

    The transactions took place in the hallway of the building which is situated between a travel agent and a furniture store. The only difference between what happened in the hallway and a sleazy drug deal for which the two men in question would face imprisonment is just a loophole in the law.

    Mephedrone is often combined with Ketamine, a horse tranquilliser, which helps to relax you after the Mephedrone high. The street name 'meow meow' derives from the fact Ketamine is sometimes called Ket. Ket sounds like cat (as in meow meow).

    The legacy of Mephedrone is now being felt in areas such as the north-east. 'The use of this drug is becoming much more prevalent,' said Inspector Kevin Tuck, who is based at Barnard Castle, County Durham. 'Parents should be on their guard particularly at this time of year [during the Christmas festivities]. They need to know it is very easily available on the internet.

    'We have seen the effects it has on young people. Officers have been assaulted by those who are high on it and a number of people have collapsed in the street. One user took 36 hours to come down from his "high" and suffered from serious paranoia when he did.'

    Police in the region are taking a tough stance to combat the growing problem of Mephedrone. Anyone caught in possession of suspicious substances is arrested, taken to a cell and has their DNA and fingerprints taken. Obviously, if the 'substance' turns out to be Mephedrone, there will be no charges.

    But the arrest could still have serious consequences. Some employers, for example, require job applicants to declare whether they have ever been arrested. It provides some token deterrent, at least.

    Mephedrone use is also widespread on the south coast, where tragic 14-year-old Gabrielle Price grew up. Gabi, as she was known, lived in Worthing, West Sussex, where she attended Davison High School, an all-girls' comprehensive. She fell ill on Saturday while at a house party in Brighton.

    Paramedics treated her there before taking her to the Royal Sussex County Hospital, where she died five hours later.

    Her grandfather, Adrian Price, said: 'Gabi was a lively and lovely girl whose untimely death has left enormous holes in the lives of her family and wide circle of friends.

    'She was fantastic daughter and granddaughter; a shining light has been extinguished and will never be re-lit.'

    A post mortem examination failed to pinpoint the cause of Gabrielle's death and toxicology reports have been ordered. But police have arrested a woman of 39, and a 17-year-old boy on suspicion of supplying drugs at the party.

    Both Ketamine, which is illegal, and Mephedrone are 'massive' among Gabrielle's circle, according to one of her friends. 'It's so easy to get hold of,' said the friend. 'Easier than alcohol. It's so cheap to buy on the internet and if you buy it in large amounts you can get it for about £7 a gram.

    'It's the drug of choice for young people at the moment, and they think it's safe because it's legal.'

    The consequences of taking Mephedrone is revealed by a young professional whose friend took the drug at a music festival recently. 'I suddenly noticed she [Claire] had gone very quiet,' she said. 'Her face was pale and she was sweating. I put my arm around her, but she collapsed. I couldn't hold her up, so she laid down on the ground. I asked how she felt but she couldn't answer. She was totally limp. I held her face in my hands but she just couldn't talk.'

    The woman managed to drag Claire to a St John's ambulance tent where she began convulsing.

    'She was jack-knifing on the bed, her teeth were chattering, her eyes were rolling back into her head and foam had begun to collect in the corners of her mouth,' said her friend. 'The paramedics asked what she had taken and I told them. They thought I meant Methadone [the heroin substitute].

    'They connected her to a heart monitor and inserted a saline drip before taking her to hospital. Claire was put on a ward and I sat by her bedside holding her hand. She was freezing cold and shivering and it was several hours before she could even speak. When she was able to talk, she said she felt awful - spaced out, weak, sick, and paranoid.'

    Claire was lucky. She survived. Some of those who buy Mephedrone from that flat near Victoria may not be.

    When we rang the buzzer yesterday a different man, with an East European accent, came to the door. He said any questions about 'business' had to be directed to the manager, Leo. But he was not there.

    The Royal College of Psychiatrists say they are starting to see patients suffering from psychosis, which can include hallucinations and delusions, on mental health wards as a result of taking Mephedrone.

    Mephedrone or 'meow meow' is just the latest legal drug on the scene. Before Mephedrone, it was GBL ('coma in a bottle') which is about to be made illegal. And by the time the law catches up with Mephedrone, the dealers will have made their money and moved on to the next legal 'product'.

    This is the depressing reality of the seemingly unstoppable - and potentially deadly - trade in socalled 'legal highs.'

    By Paul Bracchi
    November 27, 2009
    Daily Mail

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  1. Abrad
    WTF? Who the fuck wrote this shit?
  2. Routemaster Flash
    Hahaha, that's too funny. They might as well call it 'cake' - a 'made-up' drug...
  3. Greenport
    SwiM has a general thing against most para-only-substituted amphetamines, whether that para group is a methyl or a hydroxy/methoxy..they just all seem to cause physical health problems.
  4. ninjaned
    Could this thing scream "scare mongering" any more that it already does? Also maybe there would be less fatalities if we could do some actual research on a drug without it being made illegal.

    I feel sorry for the girl(which is that an epiphone charitin 2 she's playing?) but people should learn about what they put in their bodies before they do it.
  5. MrG
    As soon as I saw that statement at the beginning of the article I knew it had to be from the Daily Mail. This article and most others that are appearing at the moment are so full of dangerous misinformation it's not even funny anymore. People are going to start getting hurt simply because they read this bullshit and think they are then educated about the substances mentioned.
  6. Rin_Weh
    Sometimes people die even when ingesting an old familiar drug.
  7. podge
    I assumed Mephedrone was being called "meow meow" because its name is also 4-MMCAT ? Sounds far more likely than the reason above.

    Also the i like the story that the 3 pictures convey : First you buy a guitar, then you start wearing fake tiara's .... next thing you know , YOUR ON DRUGS !!! Moral of the story - avoid fake jewelry. :laugh:
  8. CorpseEsproc
    It is terrible that she has died, I think it would help if docters out there were informed about it at all though.
    A lot still havn't even heard of it which to me seems very odd as they should be the most up to date people of all and its been very popular around here since march.
    SWIM's friend was taken to hospital a few weeks ago because of use and not one member if staff there had heard of it and at first thought they were talking about methadone.
    Also my mum cat recently became pregnant so straight away quit, when the vet asked if the cat was taking anything it was mentioned that untill we knew it was going to have a litter it was regularly taking mephedrone which then resulting in a call asking where the cat had got a hold of methadone from :s
    When we informed the vert again it was not methadone and indeed mephedrone they didn't know what we were talking about.
    Even though not much is still known I would have thought that everyone working in the medical profession would have all received a memo giving them basic information so they at least knew as much as is known online.
    So they at least knew the name, the difference and the basic effects.
  9. Macker
    Im new here and id like to hear everyones views on mephedrone, i have been taking it every week now for a few months and i love it ! Mephedrone is the best thing that has happend me.
  10. Summers11929
    I'm a respectable 26 year old male, thought highly of at work and in family stance, And just get fed up with people knocking people who do drugs. I don't agree with heroin stuff like that but don't look down on people that do it. I just read 7 in a million die of Ecstacy...where as 625 in a million die of alcohol related.....this pisses me off. 3 reasons...1.Ask the nurses and doctors, fri sat nights all drunks, you wouldn't get someone on cannabis, mcat or mdma smashing up a shop window. 2. i rather be in a room full of people on drugs than alcohol. 3. The goverment should tax it and research it make it safer to use and have guildlines on how much we use. Same as alcohol....u drink 2 litres of vodka in 5 hours huge possibilty ur going to die,(Unless ur lasts name's best) same as mcat 5 grams in 3 hours, have no idea what that will do....wouldn't know anyone who be stupid enough to try it but it would not be good. Anyway sorry for the rant, just pisses me off, the fact that you could get rid of drunken arrests, drink driving (death by also), drunks clogging up hospitals by making it legal for good. Swim doesn't drink any more does need to, saving swim so much money, and i heard even driving it brill on it, apparently ur so alert. 7 out of 1,000,000 death by ecstacy(which i have not done, because of lea betts cant get past that.) 625 out of 1,000,000.Say 5 million people take then in this country, thats 35 deaths estimated, where as 30 million people drink alcohol (gone for half population to be safe!) that 18,750 dead from alcohol related incidents.
    My personal view Respect the drug, Respect the drink and you normally cant go wrong, is all about not abusing and know when enoughs enough,life this post.
    Sorry about jibbering on hope this helps some people.
    P.s last reader SWIM thinks Mcat is good but know when you have had too much, ie shaking uncontrollable etc!
  11. Summers11929
    I meant to stay, i don't drink anymore, and feel so fresh its unbeleivable and Swim only uses Mcat on special occassions,like if i have weekend off work Fri-mon. Which rarely happens.
  12. Highland.habit
    SWIM told me that if taken right Mephedrone is a lovely drug, cleaner than any of the e's that have been going about up here.

    It looks like it will be banned by Feb in the UK as the government have it on the banning list.

    SWIM partook on xmas eve and then New Years day, just a few lines, and he said it was very tasty. More like a bit of coke than the amphetamine high he was expecting. However, the coke in the UK has been poor of late so that may have made it seem better.

    SWIM and his pals were getting a lot more than 7 lines out of a g, and still getting a nice buzz on.
  13. Abrad
    I'm getting really tired of this. Methedrone and mephedrone are two completely different drugs. I think you are probably talking about mephedrone (4-methylmethcathinone) rather than methedrone (bk-PMMA) which is likely considerably more dangerous.

    And just becase it feels "clean" doesn't mean it won't cause long term, or immediate risk. It is a research chemical, little is known about it. Oh how I long for the days when research chemicals were known only to a relatively small number of aficionados...
  14. benzup!
    its a real shame, but as is usually the case, the greatest things life surface eventually. be it a beautiful beach hidden on an island in the pacific or a mysterious powder known only to a select few. It seems that now is the time that research chemicals are dying their last day, and that Mephedrone is the swan song.
  15. bubbly nubs
    Is there any more information on this you could possibly link us to?
  16. xMJLx
    Hiya I was a freind of Gabis and I would just like to put everyone straight. Gabi did NOT die because of Mephedrone. She died from meningitis, it was proven at an inquest.
    RIP Gabi x
  17. EyesOfTheWorld

    MCat is methcathinone. this confusion is a big peeve of SWIMs. SWIM likes methcathinone, and if someone offered to sell him a gram of "MCat" he'd buy it. He'd be righteously pissed if he found out it was mephedrone
  18. Phenoxide
    Thanks for sharing this information, and condolences. I was under the impression that the cause of death was initially thought to be pneumonia as a complication of a strep A infection. Did the inquest determine that it was not strep A, but meningitis?
  19. xMJLx
    Yes it did. Her mum has been on to all national newspapers to stop them printing gabi's name as one of the mephedrone deaths. As the mirror printed her name 3 days after it was proven she did not die from taking it.
  20. Highland.habit

    Oops,. silly me, look like i was a month out...
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