Mephedrone? Professor of Psychopharmacology Says Its Safe

By chillinwill · Nov 15, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    An Australian Professor who is the head of the Psychopharmacology Laboratory at Sydney University has taken a leaf out of former British government drugs advisor Professor David Nutt's highly publicised book, by adding his scientific expertise to the foggy landscape which is 'drugs policy'.

    Professor Iain McGregor was quoted as saying that there was nothing wrong with the 'designer drug' Mephedrone. A synthetic compund which is marketed widely on the Internet under an assortment of names which include 'MM-Cat', '4-MMC' and 'Plant Food Meow'.

    Mephedrone, which is banned in Findland, Israel, Sweden and Denmark, comes in either powder or pill form and is derived from the khat plant.

    Khat is a legal stimulant normally consumed by chewing, which is widely available on UK high streets in communities with large ethnic minorities originating from Somalia, Ethiopia and the Sudan.

    Professor McGregor, director of Sydney University's Psychopharmacology Laboratory, was quoted as saying that there was nothing wrong with the drug.

    "Unfortunately for people like myself ... who [is] here to tell people drugs are bad, there doesn't appear to be a whole lot that is bad about it," Professor McGregor said.

    A statement which brings a little more perspective to the UK's irrational (and hopelessly failed) war on drugs.

    Clearly prohibition is proving to be far more harmful than the drugs themselves. And in an ever tightening economic grip, which the rest of Europe seems to have slipped free from, can we really afford to continue to prosecute 50 year old cannabis users who are only breaking the law whilst smoking a joint in the privacy of their own home?

    For the rest of their lives they remain, law abiding citizens.

    November 15, 2009

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  1. Seaquake
    hardly the most balanced of articles. I wonder what the professor would say about MDMA or even just plain old cathinone.
  2. Piano_man
    Wait is he talking about khat or mephedrone (it could just be dodgy reporting). If he's talking about khat then fair enough, he has a point.

    If he's talking about mephedrone, wtf?

    How can he say it's safe, it hasn't even been tested yet. It's a research chemical ffs. Not only that but anecdotal evidence suggests it's more addictive than mdma and there's no end to the amount of reports of scary side effects (limbs going numb, feet turning blue etc.).

    No expert in their right mind could say that an untested research chemical is safe. It's downright irresponsible. As a professor his opinion is given extra weight by the less educated people out there :mad:.
  3. Alfa
    The professor has probably just looked on medline and could not find any data. Though there is one thin study.

    I think the professor would have a good point, if he would thoroughly research the drug he makes statements about.

    I am pretty sure that mephedrone is much more dangerous than mdma, methylone or most research chemicals.
  4. Gradient
    There must be something lost in translation from statement to article. It seems like he could be referring to any compound present in khat, and is most likely referring to the cathinone present therein.

    Otherwise, he's really sticking his neck out here; unless he knows something the rest of the internet doesn't, he has nothing concrete to base his assertion on - only speculation. His assessment is likely based upon the activity of cathinone/methcathinone, and is therefore superficial at best. He's done some really interesting research, it seems, into the actions and interactions of a few psychoactives; hopefully now he'll be coaxed into proving such a bold statement with some published research.
  5. psyche
    Love how the Finland is mispelled. Khat is also illegal in Finland and propably other countries too.
    I like the statement he's making for a balance to all negative rep mephedrone has gathered. That being said, he has really no basing for his claims.

    There is a lot of anecdotal information about mephedrone. People doing five-gram-benders should not be surprised to get some serious side effects. Also moving around, taking a hot bath, drinking water, eating and taking care of yourself otherwise will help with vasoconstriction, nutrient/vitamin deficiency and loss of fluids. Mephedrone is extremely dangerous because of it's moreishness and fiending, addictive qualities. But is it dangerous at lower levels when used properly? I don't see many negative reports about it with 200mg used in two doses.

    SWIM always wonders how people can't get enough of it. Only 50mg is sufficient for SWIM. Keep in mind, it's not about the drug, it's about enjoying yourself and others. Mephedrone offers an absolute bliss with pretty low doses, finding it is a form of art.
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