Mephedrone to be banned today but users get a week's grace

By chillinwill · Apr 8, 2010 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    The party drug "miaow miaow" is expected to be formally banned today but dealers will still have a week's grace to hoard and sell it before facing arrest and prosecution.

    The Lords are likely to approve making mephedrone a Class B drug after it was given the green light by MPs yesterday but the ban will not formally come in to effect until April 16.

    The Government's drugs advisory body have already warned dealers are likely to stockpile the drug to sell it at greater profits when it becomes illegal.

    The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) also predicted users may buy large quantities while it is still legal.

    Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, announced plans to ban the drug last month after it was linked to a number of deaths.

    The ACMD heard that up to 26 people may have died from its effects which Professor Les Iversen, the chairman of the body, said was extremely worrying.

    A report by the ACMD also warned: "There are indications that criminal groups are becoming involved in the supply of mephedrone to the public in the UK.

    "There are reports of some UK drug suppliers selling mephedrone in dance clubs and at street level either as well as, or instead of cocaine and MDMA, due to mephedrone's relatively low price high purity and easy availability."

    It warned that in Guernsey, where importation of the drug is already banned, a street trade had already developed and was being linked with violence.

    The report added: "It is reported that some users are planning to buy large quantities of mephedrone to 'stockpile' for future use and future sale should regulation be introduced."

    As a Class B drug, those caught in possession will face a jail term of up to five years while dealers caught selling the drug will face 14 years.

    By Tom Whitehead
    April 8, 2010

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  1. chillinwill
    Meow meow users given seven-day amnesty

    Youngsters will be given a week's amnesty to dispose of deadly drug mephedrone before it is banned.

    The so-called legal high will be officially outlawed as a Class B substance later today following a vote in the House of Lords.

    But, instead of opting for an immediate ban, the Home Office ruled the drug, also called meow meow, will not become illegal until Friday next week.

    The period of grace will allow users - many of them teenagers - to dispose of the drug without risking a criminal prosecution.

    It came amid fears that dealers are stockpiling supplies of the drug before it becomes illegal.

    A report by the Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs warned that in Guernsey, where importation of the drug is already banned, a street trade had developed and was being linked with violence.

    It said: 'It is reported that some users are planning to buy large quantities of mephedrone to "stockpile" for future use and future sale should regulation be introduced.'

    The ban was last night backed in the Commons.

    Mephedrone has been linked to several deaths in the UK. Harmful effects include a risk of heart and circulatory problems, as well as risk of fits.

    Tory home affairs spokesman James Brokenshire raised concerns about the amount of time it had taken to act on the drug, pointing out the ACMD warned ministers before Christmas.

    April 8, 2010
    Daily Mail Online
  2. Simplepowa
    DEADLY drug mephedrone.

    Make me wanna cry.

    What are they doing with alcohol so? This is not a DEADLY drug?

    They are hypocrites aren't they?
  3. dyingtomorrow
  4. Goku4ever
    The whole mephedrone fiasco wasn't for nothing. A lot of controversy has been created, and maybe its just me, but Ive never noticed so much information attempting to inform the public about how bad the governments drug policy is.
  5. godztear
    Anyone know the phone number to China? Seriously that's all that is going to happen, if people want it, it will still come. Banning mephedrone is just going to fill the jails up more.
  6. solartrinity
    The latest move on making Mephedrone a class b drug has been based on no real research into the drug at all, it seems that the media has managed to stir up the use of this drug into it being a deadly poison which is a serious killer. The date of election was set and the goverment suddenly got thier fingers out thier ar'es to use the ban of mephedrone convincing the public and thier views to persuade them in to voting for them based on a quick flash of a few facts and read of the papers. This is so sad. Why couldnt they review thier drugs policy for all drugs, which has been last updated 1973, 36 years ago. Seems to me that they know if they did that then they would have to admit that the classifications are wrong and that it would show thier weaknesses and inability to pass law on truth and facts. If they had to reconsider that they may have got it wrong it would go against the public programmed ' this lot of classified drugs are bad for you, they turn you into a drug crazed crime commiting maniac with no morality and life' concencus.

    If drugs are used respectfuly and with out the need to abuse them then I cannot see the harm in them being legal. Used recreationally and with knowledge of the drug and possible side effects and education the harm factor is reduced. Keep making them illegal reduces the possibility of research and education about them and pushes the drug into the hands of dealers who will cut the drug with god knows what and give you what ever you can afford without giving you a leaflet on dosage and side effects like a prescription drug. Education of true facts is needed not media based on making papers sell and making the goverment look good.
  7. chillinwill
    Mephedrone to be made Class B drug within days

    Mephedrone will become an illegal drug later this week, the Home Office said.

    Following the completion of the formal parliamentary process, the so-called legal high will be classified as a Class B drug from 16 April.

    From that date anyone possessing the substance could face five years in prison and the maximum sentence for dealing the drug will be 14 years.

    The drug, which is sold on the internet labelled as "plant food", has been linked with several UK deaths.

    The move to ban the substance comes despite the resignation of two government drugs advisers over the issue.

    Earlier this month, Eric Carlin followed Dr Polly Taylor by stepping down from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD).

    Mr Carlin, in his resignation letter, said the decision to ban the drug was made despite there being "little or no discussion about how our recommendation to classify this drug would be likely to impact on young people's behaviour".

    He added that the decision to ban the drug was "unduly based on media and political pressure".

    APril 12, 2010
    BBC News
  8. chillinwill
    Lincolnshire police offer mephedrone amnesty

    Police in Lincolnshire have offered users and dealers of mephedrone the chance to hand in their supply before it becomes an illegal drug.

    Mephedrone will become an illegal Class B drug from 16 April, the Home Office announced on Monday.

    For the next six days people will be able to take the drug into any police station in Lincolnshire or hand it to any officer or PCSO in the street.

    No details of the person handing it in will be taken or retained, police said.

    'Tough action'

    Following the amnesty anyone found possessing the substance could face five years in prison and the maximum sentence for dealing the drug will be 14 years.

    Mephedrone has been linked with several UK deaths.

    The force's intelligence manager, Simon Lovett, said: "We want users and dealers in the county to get the message. It will be illegal, we will take tough action and the potential punishments are pretty severe.

    "In offering this amnesty we are recognising the fact that people may have been using this substance perfectly legally for some time and they should have the opportunity to hand it over without being immediately criminalised.

    "We also want to send a message to parents who may know their youngsters are taking mephedrone.

    "Either hand your children's drugs in or urge them to do it themselves."

    APril 13, 2010
    BBC News
  9. Tamis
  10. chillinwill
    TIME is running out for users of the party drug mephedrone, which becomes illegal at midnight tonight.
    From then, anyone found in possession of the Class B drug will face five years in prison. The maximum sentence for dealing will be 14 years.

    Until now, police have been powerless to act on the so-called legal high.

    Officers in Teesdale, County Durham, were among the first in the country to become aware of the ecstasy derivative – also known as drone, bubble or meow.

    Five mephedrone users in the dale have been admitted to hospital suffering from problems connected with its use.

    Nationally, several deaths have been linked to the drug’s use, including that of Lois Waters, 24, from Norton, North Yorkshire, last month.

    Yesterday, Barnard Castle police launched a poster campaign explaining the law. Officers gave out 250 posters to schools, youth clubs, pubs, shops and surgeries. The campaign will soon extend to the rest of County Durham.

    Inspector Kevin Tuck said: “We do not want to see young people criminalised and have their lives ruined, but we will prosecute anybody we catch with it.”

    People are advised to dispose of their mephedrone by flushing it down a toilet.

    April 15, 2010
    The Northern Echo
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