Mephedrone use 'causes impotence'

By John Doe · Apr 1, 2010 · ·
  1. John Doe
    Mephedrone use 'causes impotence'

    Using mephedrone can cause impotence, a leading scientist at Queen's University, Belfast, has warned.

    John Mann, professor of chemistry at the university, also said the drug should have been banned sooner.

    His comments came as it was disclosed up to 27 people in the UK may have died from taking mephedrone, which is also known as plant food and "miaow miaow".

    Prof Mann, a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, said the dangers of mephedrone could have been predicted because it was similar to other drugs.

    Habitual users of khat, a drug popular in the Somali community, are known to suffer from impotence, he added.

    He said: "Could the dangers of this drug have been predicted? Of course they could.

    "I think that the UK could have responded earlier because mephedrone is a very close structural analogue of cathinone - the major psychoactive ingredient of khat. Mephedrone also has similar chemical structures to the amphetamines which are controlled substances with known dangers."

    On Monday British Home Secretary Alan Johnson announced his intention to ban mephedrone and similar substances. The law in the UK is likely to be changed by April 16.

    The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, which advises ministers on drugs, has now released its report on mephedrone.

    It said 18 deaths have been potentially linked to mephedrone in England, seven in Scotland and one each in Wales and Northern Ireland.

    Press Association
    Thursday April 01 2010

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  1. John Doe
    I don't think the date is important here, I don't think they'd be forgiven for it.
  2. Paradoxical Frog
    My cat can see how this could be possible if one is taking a rather large amount of mephedrone. Even alcohol and nicotine end up causing problems in this particular area if large amounts are consumed regularly - which despite the warnings on cigarette packets, men still seem happy to spark up.

    On a personal note, if anything my cat has noticed it causes very much the opposite effect in her play thing! Although play thing gets wood from oxygen and blinking, so this could be a moot point :p
  3. John Doe
    My Pet Monkey has had some personal experiences with it and it seems to be the length of a binge that effects him more so than the amount consumed. If he consumes a lot over a short period it has no effect and if the opportunity arises [excuse the pun -Ed] he's hard as nails and could go all night but no matter if it's been a lot or a small amount, if it gets into the later hours of the next day he's just wasting his time =P
  4. fusen
    This sort of thing is basically one of the very few effects that'd make SWIM's Mule stop taking it asap.

    At least with organ/heart issues you can have different surgeries to repair/replace, once you get him with impotence you are going to be having your own blood line :(
  5. Horiz
    Wait, are you trying to tell me that a vaso-constrictor can cause impotence? Crazy talk.
  6. John Doe
    Haha the article was just an excuse to publish another Meph article it seems to stem from the 'Department of the Bleedin Obvious' but I posted it for reference anyway ;)
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