Mescaline lab evidence found in home of Hillsboro gunman

By chillinwill · Nov 22, 2009 ·
  1. chillinwill
    Police searching the home of a gunman in a car who created bedlam from Hillsoboro to Cornelius Saturday found evidence of a mescaline lab in his home.

    Toxicology tests will have to determine if Shawn Schumacher, 28, of Hillsboro was under the influence of the drug when he started shooting and driving wildly before being killed in a gunfight with police. Mescaline is a derivative of the peyote cactus.

    During the spree, Schumacher shot several rounds into a car with two men, mortally wounding passenger Danny K. Le Gore, 56, of Hillsboro. He was taken by Lifeflight to OHSU where he died

    More details of the spree were released by police late Saturday night

    About 1:24 p.m., dispatchers started getting calls about a man driving erratically and firing gunshots out the car window around 10th and Baseline Road in Hillsboro

    Lisa Perdew, her three children and her boyfriend were in a pickup truck when the suspect came barreling toward them.

    "We got hit by a vehicle," she said, "He bounced off of us. He hit another vehicle next to us, backed up, hit another vehicle, pulled his gun and started shooting at another vehicle behind us."

    A Hillsboro officer saw the gunman and started pursuing his 1997 Honda Civic. Schumacher sped down Baseline, leaving the city limits and headed for Cornelius. He reportedly fired at least one shot back towards the pursuit, which was growing with officers from Cornelius and the Washington County sheriff's office.

    Schumacher was driving wildly through heavy traffic, passing cars on the right and striking a white van 13th and Adair in Cornelius where police were in the midst of trying to set up spike strips. That collision disabled the Civic, which came to rest at 10th and Adair.

    Schumacher was reportedly slumped over the steering wheel. As a sheriff's deputy and two Cornelius officers approached the car, Schumacher got out with a gun in each hand and started firing, hitting a patrol car. The officers fired back, killing him. Police would only say for now that Schumacher was hit with more than one round.

    He was wearing only a pair of camo-pattern shorts.

    November 22, 2009

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