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Meth accountability: week 1 summary

  1. smooth_euphoria
    Number of doses: 37 (0.37g) total; average of 5.2 doses/day
    Number of days of abstinence: 1 (Saturday)
    Hours of sleep: 44 hours total.
    Nights without any sleep: 2

    Number of orgasms: 21

    Weight: 190.8 lbs

    Number of gym sessions: 3
    Number of yoga sessions: 3.5
    Number of meditation sessions: 1
    Number of piano sessions: 0

    -Need to cut back on number of daily doses taken
    -Nutrition and exercise were fine, but *need to sleep more*
    -Way too much porn; too much wasted time, strain on dopamine and testosterone

    Measurable goals for next week
    -At most 30 doses total
    -Get more sleep: 49 hours total. Skip no more than two nights.
    -Fewer orgasms, obviously; at most 10 this week
    -TM at least seven times (and at least once a day)
    -Play piano at least five times. (At least twenty minutes of focused practice with the metronome, followed by freely rocking out as much as I like.)


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