Meth addict jailed for breaking into his parents' home, stabbing dad

By Cid Lysergic · May 21, 2018 ·
  1. Cid Lysergic
    Breaking into his parents Calgary home, setting the basement on fire and then repeatedly stabbing his father, who came to investigate, has helped land a city man a two-year prison term.

    Kyle Matthew Karas was also order to serve 3 years probation following his custody on series of offenses committed while he was high on methamphetamines.

    Karas, 23, pleaded guilty to charges of robbery, mischief to property, break and enter, aggravated assault, flight from police and dangerous driving in connection with 3 separate series of events.

    Reading from a statement of agreed facts, Crown prosecutor Karuna Ramakrishnan said the events began March 19th 2017, when Karas fled from his father, who had taken him to Foothills Medical Centre for treatment.

    Karas ran to a nearby Shell station, entered the store and handed the clerk a note indicating it was a robbery, receiving $200 and a package of cigarettes. He was arrested the next day and released.

    About 6 weeks later, police spotted him walking in the Beltline area, attempting to light a grassy Boulevard on fire with his lighter. When police arrested Karas, they noticed 3 other fires burning on the boulevard.

    Last September 30th, Karas broke into his parents' northwest Calgary home while they were out. When they arrived home, they noticed a screen had been damaged.

    "As they entered the home, they could immediately smell gasoline," Ramakrishnan said.

    The father went to the basement to investigate and was stabbed by Karas, suffering wounds to his shoulder, arm, hand and upper back. When the dad began retreating back upstairs, Karas said "here's Johnny," but did not continue the assault, the prosecutor said.

    Karas fled in his father's truck and led police on a chase.

    Ramakrishnan said Karas was examined by a psychiatrist who determined he was both fit to stand trial and not eligible for a defense of being not criminally responsible by reason of a mental disorder.

    Dr. Yuri Metalitsa diagnosed him with "substance-induced psychotic disorder."

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