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Meth concealed in high heels: Charges over 2kg smuggling

By aemetha, Sep 22, 2016 | |
  1. aemetha
    Three people have been charged with smuggling almost 2kg of meth inside high heel shoes, a soap box, car lights, and a golf putt box.

    From August to September, Customs seized five air freight consignments of methamphetamine, which was also found in metal cylinders. Police and Customs then carried out search warrants in Otahuhu, Otara and Mangere, and have now charged two men and one woman in their 30s with five counts of importation of methamphetamine.

    "Acting on information relating to the manufacture and supply of methamphetamine is a priority due to the harm it continues to cause in the community." said Counties Manukau Organised Crime Unit's Detective Sergeant Mike Hayward. "Though the Methamphetamine was concealed to try and avoid law enforcement, Customs have again shown that through vigilance and having quality systems in place significant seizures can be made. This is helping to keep New Zealanders safe."

    Customs' risk targeting and profiling work identified and stopped the packages before they could reach their destination, Customs Investigations Manager Maurice O'Brien said. Joining forces with police helped them to catch three alleged offenders. "It's yet another example of our two agencies combining resources for a shared outcome. "It doesn't matter where these packages are coming from, or what sort of goods the drugs are hidden in, Customs remains focused on disrupting the supply of methamphetamine through our work at the border, and we will continue to do everything it takes to protect New Zealanders."

    21 September 2016
    The New Zealand Herald


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