Meth drug’s unstoppable rise

By Rightnow289 · Aug 8, 2009 · ·
  1. Rightnow289
    TEN times more addictive than speed, longer lasting than crack cocaine, crystal meth, is on its way to the UK.

    View attachment 10072 According to police and drug charities, its use is growing at an alarming rate because it is cheap and easy to make.

    Several meth-making factories in Britain have been raided over the last two years.

    The drug is a massive problem in the States - Britney Spears took it during her breakdown and Hollywood star Michael Douglas's son Cameron was arrested last week for allegedly dealing in the drug.

    For his latest film, documentary maker Louis Theroux went to Fresno in California and discovered a town in the grip of meth addiction where HALF of all crime is related to use of the drug, full name methylamphetamine.

    It is so powerful that one woman he met there spent TWOWEEKS wide awake after taking meth.

    It can also destroy the body - the American woman went from a fresh-faced girl to looking like an old hag in just 2½ years.

    Louis said: "I was on the trail of the world's most abused hard drug. Crystal meth is cheap and easy to produce. It can be devastating for those who get addicted.

    "Recently there has been a surge in the numbers of addicted women. One of the side effects of meth is unbridled sexual activity and many of the women are mothers to large numbers of children."

    "There are around half a million people in Fresno. It's been hit hard by unemployment.

    "It also has a large and growing homeless population. Some say that people here take meth to help them work longer hours in boring jobs. Others simply to escape from reality."

    Louis met a man who spends £400 a week on meth, has five children who don't live with him, but who has managed to hold on to his marriage to a fellow drug user for more than 20 years.

    The man's wife is training to be a drugs counsellor - despite relapsing herself and being on meth again. She is so addicted she even has to take meth to get enough energy to clean the house.

    Louis also visited a group of men in their thirties who spend all day smoking the drug, including one who has been taking it since he was just ELEVEN.

    The TV presenter also witnessed a man high on meth and armed with a knife having a violent argument with his sister.

    Louis added: "Meth provides a primitive and dangerous kind of pain relief, going on to cause new pain across the generations."

    Louis Theroux - The City Addicted To Crystal Meth is on BBC2 tomorrow at 9pm.

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  1. SullyGuy
    Ten times more addictive than amph? Does that strike any other swimmers as not accurate?
  2. Dickon
    Good question. More simply how could you say drug X was N times more addictive than drug Y; what would it even mean? There are too many variables to consider.

    I am surprised that amphetamine and not methamphetamine is almost universal in the UK. As far as I know, both are predominantly produced in clandestine labs and meth is just as easy to produce [a chemistry expert may correct me here].

    As far as the story goes, meth seems to have some limited availability in the UK, certainly in certain parts of the gay community, and I am sceptical about it's manufacture "growing at an alarming rate" because it is "cheap and easy to produce". It was cheap and easy to produce 20 years back, so why now? Clearly if this isn't just another scaremongering peace of hackery, as I suspect it is, something else must have changed too. Maybe the internet has educated people and speed-freaks now want the "good shit". Who knows?

  3. g666d
    I've been told meth easier and less stinky to make than amphetamine, but amph more desirable, for the person who told me.

    Glad to see U.K at least has taste, or better taste.

    In this other person's experience, the stuff (either) was expensive and easy to wonder "where the f** did my money just go?"
  4. anonuser30500
    Meth has never really taken off in the UK maybe due to normal speed being priced the same, or cheaper now, than it was 25 years ago.

    Speed is a niche market with generally a few dealers, say 1 for every 25 heroin dealers and usually a user who buys a few ounces, half a kilo or so on. Various syndicates seem to cook up their own batches of speed here. Others import it from Europe.

    Swim thinks that if anyone would sell meth or make it then its the same syndicates currently making or importing the speed or amphetamine sulphate.

    Few dealers of speed will take meth on the offchance they can sell it. Users of speed don't seem to want to change to another amphetamine that is seen as more powerful. The people making speed or importing it don't want to change a winning recipe to one that already has enough bad publicity to make every cop want to bust the first lab or dealer or even catch a user.

    Meth is 'worse' perhaps due to it being made at home which does make it a lot easier to become addicted and build up the tolerance which means you would be taking enough to end up looking like the classic crack mug-shot.
  5. Frond
    If it's such a dangerous drug, maybe we should stop giving it to our children to treat ADHD?

    Also interesting how it's 10x more addictive than speed, because after all it's not like speed is methamphetamine. Oh, wait...

    But no, I'm just being a smartass. After all, the drug scare worked so well for the Nixon administration that his reforms guaranteed him a long and productive second term, and set the USA up to be drug-free and a model for justice systems everywhere.
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