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Meth Investigation ends with an absolutely gruesome discovery.

  1. Basoodler
    SANTA FE —Police officials raided the home of a couple charged with planning to sell crystal meth and discovered the remains of nearly two dozen cats.

    Authorities said the cats “appeared to have been tortured and killed.”

    Brian Cheek, 39, and Veronica Springer, 38, of Santa Fe were arrested Friday afternoon during a raid at their property in the 4000 block of Avenue N1⁄2 in Santa Fe. Cheek was arrested on a first degree felony charge for the manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance and is being held on $300,000 bond. Springer was arrested on a charge of possession of a controlled substance and is being held on $20,000 bond.

    According to a news release from the Santa Fe Police Department, the couple was a target of a lengthy narcotics investigation.

    During the raid, police recovered 9 grams of crystal methamphetamine, a scale and packaging material, as well as an all-terrain vehicle that had been reported stolen.

    They also made a more gruesome discovery on the couple’s property —the remains of 20 cats.

    Police say they found evidence of strangulation, blunt force trauma, disembowelment and burns among the cats. All of the remains were found on the couples’ property, including one in a box in the bed of Cheek’s truck.

    Santa Fe police Sgt. Eric Bruss declined to provide additional information about the animals, including whether any animals had any tags or signs of ownership.

    The Galveston County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the suspected case of animal cruelty and more charges are expected to be filed.



  1. berry13
    Tragic. The lack of empathy that long term tweakers develops is heartbreaking. I don't see any way these people can be rehabilitated, they seem to be far too gone. Simply disgusting that it brought them to do such animistic actions. Not blaming it on the drug, but I'm blaming it on the individuals and their blatant EXTREME abuse of it. This all probably had a perfectly reasonable explanation in their minds.
  2. upnorthhillrod
    I've never tried meth more than once so I wouldn't know what it would do to the long term psyche. However once while tripping acid me and my buddy were dead set on that we had to go over to our other buddies farm and slaughter pigs with our .22s

    We thought about this for another minute and came to the same horrifying conclusion that we'd probably be sent straight to hell and spend the rest of the trip there among the demons and decided better of it.

    and we are completely rational people who would never have ideas like this.
  3. NoddingDog
    Lack of empathy?! This is downright evil - they should be put away for life!
  4. tidruid
    I live in Galveston County. This happened like 15 miles away from me.
  5. Diverboone
    Can anyone that has made comments to this news article positively connect the drug use with the animal cruelty? I believe their actions if guilty were a pre-existing psychological condition. I've known many long term amphetamine users and have never seen this type of behavior.
  6. dr ACE
    it is truly a despicable crime animal cruelty,and it sickens me to the pit of my stomach, what these tweekers did to these poor defenseless cats is unforgivable,pure evil, i really hope they suffer for what they did
  7. berry13
    It begs the question though; what caused them to such an act of depravity? Mental effects as a result of meth use or mental effects BROUGHT OUT from meth use? (as in, they were genetically predisposed to be absolutely fucking cuckoo for cocoa puffs, but abusing meth increased it's cuckoo-ness and maybe brought it upon when it would have otherwise stayed dormant.)
  8. SmokeTwibz
    Very disturbing article.

    I'm guessing their rationalization for their alleged animal cruelty would be something along the lines of the following: Cats stalk, hunt, torture, and kill almost anything that moves.

    I think that these people, if they really did torture and kill these cats, were mentally disturbed long before their meth use started. It's hard for me to imagine somebody getting high on meth and then suddenly having the urge to kill cats. I've been using meth for twelve years, and since I started using, I have only gained a much greater appreciation, and respect, for all living things on this planet. I don't kill anything intentionally anymore. I even do my best to avoid stepping on ants.
  9. MikePatton
    I agree that they should be locked up for life! Shit they tortured and killed 24 cats, that equals to at least 1 human in my honest opinio. I don't give two shits if they were high, torturing and killing is not a side effect of any drug.
  10. jazzyj9
    Yeah you might believe that, but none of us knows for sure about the pre-existing psychological condition. Just because you've known many long term users who are kind to animals, doesn't mean they all are. There are some vile meth users out there who probably commit more depraved offenses than that stated above. Does the meth make them that way? I haven't read any peer reviewed literature on that, if it was the drugs that made them do it or if they were a sociopath to begin with.

    In my understanding meth and other similarly brain damaging drugs, can bring out a lot of latent psychiatric issues, probably including anti-social traits like animal cruelty. I don't know if any research indicates that this may be true, regarding anti-social/sociopathic traits that is. But if it is true, that meth brings out anti-social traits, then indeed the drug is to an extent to blame for this type of depravity.

    I can see where you are coming from about the sensationalism this article is using. At the same time, meth use may predispose people to commit acts of violence and harm they would not otherwise do.
  11. Diverboone
    My post was just an opinion, as that I'm not a psychologist or doctor. And you are correct about my issue being with the sensationalism of the article. It's reminiscent of past synthetic epidemics. Without any kind of proof, I feel the article could be misleading.
  12. j.t.mark
    ...peace be with you...really..."...any thing that moves..."...the couple may have had a very pragmatic motive in eliminating the cats, evil, in truth, though that motive may have been...i used to hunt with a family of ranch cats that had adopted me and was very close to the alpha female...i learned much about feline "sight" and "hearing" ability and reaction times to movements of [creatures]...and through this knowledge learned of many other things as well...for her part in this and to impart a warning to my awareness, it is my understanding that the alpha female was cruelly murdered...but even that i must forgive...peace...
  13. jazzyj9
    There is the possibility that these people did these things because they were high on meth which changed their brain chemistry and distorted their perception of reality. And that maybe if they weren't using meth, they wouldn't have done something like this. That is also a possibility and it seems like it might even be more likely, that the meth use facilitated this by causing psychosis, enough so that these people may have been acting out some weird fantasy. I guess these people might even have a legal defense in this regard.

    How is the article misleading? I don't think it's necessarily misleading (with regard to the nature of meth, and some of the people who use it), more of a distraction, a sensationalized distraction from more significant news, like the fact that our planet is running out of drinkable water or that a lot of the fish in the ocean are now polluted, among other things.

    I don't think it's misleading in the sense that meth is in fact a dangerous and harmful drug that may have caused people to do things they would be totally incapable of doing had they not been under the influence.
  14. Booty love
    Extreme Paranoia and cats don't mix. I believe this article to prove my point.
    Cats love to just sit there and stare at ya. As if they are Watching and listening. When actuality they are probably not even paying you any mind. However, Next thing your thinking is the police have put a camera and microphone in the animals. This is not a far stretch of the imagination for those of us that have been experienced paranoid hallucinations, fixated on the police kicking in your door.
  15. dihydromoron
    what an awful story!

    How people can harm other living things is beyond me, it's disgusting, I literally cannot get into what frame of mind someone
    who takes personal enjoyment from another's suffering is in, it's repugnant.

    Also, while this story is horrific, and the people clearly monsters, it makes me think of the many, many children living
    in america and across the world we don't hear about, who also suffer harm and neglect in the care of drug addicted parents.
    Ok these people tortured those cats which is an extreme example, but neglect is a form of torture, yet it's hardly ever reported on
    when children have to be taken into care because parents with drug problems fail to care for them and leave them to die.

    If anything this is a reminder of the sheer power and deep, firm grasp addiction has on people with the disease, and the horrible consequences it has on the people around them.
  16. Lou2011
    I cant bare the the thought of animal/child or any other kind of abuse or cruelty, these 2 people had to be sick in the head ! I struggle to find reason behind any act of cruelty ! Yet have just had to question my own thoughts as I get so angry and wish I could harm the people that have done this ! What a crazy world we live in !
  17. jazzyj9
    There are a lot of suffering children with drug addicted parents and it's really tragic. As a child, I grew up around a lot of drug addicts who lived in my neighborhood. Two of my best friends had parents who were heroin addicts and the neglect was terrible. One of my friends had to come over to my house to eat. Her mom was using food money for drugs. I had another friend who's mom was also a heroin addict who also used money for food on drugs but also was trading sex in the house for drugs while kids were in the house. I remember going to her house and her mom was nodding out with dirty spoons, needles, ties, all in plane view and there were the "boyfriends" that would come over who would be exposed in plane sight. It was really creepy. She would also beat my friend with belts and hangers and put her "on punishment" where she couldn't go out and play.

    One of my friend's mom actually managed to get sober and was a totally different person, actually a kind person. It was like night and day. So I think that certain drugs and addictions themselves can change people and make them capable of some of the most horrendous acts. I don't think everyone who is an addict or drug user does these types of things but the association between the two is worth looking into.
  18. MikePatton
    Yeah I get the part about paranoia from the police, it happened to me on amphetamines. However, I don't think the fear of of "police cats" could account for the torture and killing of 24 cats. The torture and the huge amount of cats indicates to me that this is some ritual of a sadistic nature that was done for pleasure. I really hope they get the punishment they deserve just for the cats, I don't even care about the meth manafacture.

    The demand for meth makes it that if they weren't cooking meth somebody else would have and the arrest of one manafacturer would only create more. I can't, however, say the same for the dead cats. That's a far worse crime in my opinion.
  19. Pharfromsober
    I find it a little hard to believe that two different people suffered from the exact same latent mental disorder, that was brought out by meth, Leading to two mentally sick people both with a fetish for cat mutilation. It just seems a little far fetched to me.

    I find it much easier to believe, that these two people shared an extended case of drug induced psychosis. Most likely brought on by continuous lack of sleep and large quantities of methamphetamine. They were cooking the shit, plenty enough would be available.

    A few years ago I put myself into a state of severe psychosis, at the end of a long binge. The things i saw and believed during that short period of time were so bizarre and completely out of character for me, that I still can't talk about it. I have never even talked about it with my wife and she has heard it all.

    I am sure that a lot of meth users are going to vehemently deny the idea that their DOC could cause such out of character behavior. I probably would too, but I've been to other side, and what I saw there scared me so much I never touched meth again.
    That was 4 years ago and the thought of touching the stuff again still makes me sick. Which is really unusual considering how much I liked meth before that horrible day.
  20. jazzyj9
    I agree with you. In particular about how people vehemently deny that their DOC is a "bad" drug and that "it's not the drug it's the person." That's denial. People have a hard time admitting to themselves that behavior they engage in or support is wrong. Wrong because it's harmful and corrupts people.
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